I recently had a chance to review the blending sponge by JGOB. In the past I have used disposable blending sponges, or brushes, so I was anxious to try this product. I was hoping this would blend my foundation and concealer, while still providing good coverage. 

       The JCOB Blending Sponge comes in a hard plastic case and is shaped like a teardrop (much like similar ones I’ve seen). To use this product you are suppose to wet it with water until completely saturated, and then squeeze out the liquid. You can use this sponge to apply and blend foundation, concealer, BB cream, cream type blush, or just about any other make up application you can think of. I found it’s also good to use the tip, to erase any “Oops” you may make while applying your make up.

     After I saturated it with water and squeezed it out, it expanded quite a bit. It was soft to touch and felt like it was made of good quality.. The JGOB BLENDING SPONGE worked perfect for contouring, and the pointed end made it easy to blend around the eye and nose area. It made my foundation seem flawless and gave a natural finish, as compared to disposable sponges I’ve used. I also really like that this product comes in a case. This will make it easy to throw in my purse or make up bag when I’m on the go. I think its well worth the price, when you weigh the price of how many disposable applicators I normally go through.

     Honestly, there isn’t really any negative points I could find to this product. The only thing I can think of that might make it better was if it came with some type of cleaner. Depending on how much you use it you it, I’ve heard others say you should clean it about once a week.

 Have you tried JGOB Blending Sponge, or what type of applicator do you use with your make up?.

   I received this item for free, however all opinions are 100% my own

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