4th of July Fun!

Grandpa and the kids having fun with the 4th of July Ducks
4th of July Ducks Everywhere!


My Granny Staying cool withe her fan πŸ™‚


Happy 4th!




Glow Stick Fun!


Glow in the Dark Ring Toss
(Sorry for the bad pic quality. These were taken from my phone)





We had a change of plans, and ended up going to my dads last minute for the fourth of July. We had some great food prepared by my dad and his wife, and then the kids swam in the kiddie pool. Then we came home and played glow in the dark ring toss and shot off fireworks. The kids really enjoyed playing with the ducks from the 4th of July toy assortment in the pool, and everyone appreciated the fans. I totally forgot about the tattoos that came with it, so I put those up for next year.

The glow in the dark ring toss using glow sticks game was fun, but the kids were a little tired by that point, and just wanted to watch the fireworks. I only had my phone with me to take pictures, and the glow sticks were super bright, so it was hard to get an actual good pic.We all had a great time, but to say we were tired is an understatement! I think we’re still recovering!  Hope everyone else had a great holiday with friends and family too! Happy Monday!



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