Coffee Crazy Organic French Roast

   I’ll admit, most days I use my Keurig to make coffee. I love being able to pick what K-Cup flavor I want, and It’s really convenient and fast. I also own a regular coffee pot and coffee grinder. While I normally use my Keurig, there’s just something about grinding your own beans and the smell of fresh coffee.

   Coffee Crazy French Roast is a premium 100% organic blend coffee grown in Central and South America. They practice fair trade practices, which help farming families accross Latin America, Africa, and Asia to improve the quality of life in their communities.

   The aroma of this coffee was amazing as it was brewing. It had a rich medium body taste and an overall good flavor.While I probably wont completely give up my Keurig and K-Cups, this is definitely a coffee I would make from time to time. It’s also more environmentally friendly, and I like the fact that it’s 100% organic.
You can find more information or to buy your own here Coffee Crazy
Disclaimer: I did receive this item for free however all opinions are 100% my own.

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