6 Sassy Sistas

   Six Sassy Sistas first came about when one of the sisters was watching the Dr Oz show about how good olive oil is for your skin. She was sick of using cold lotion after she got out of the shower and decided to give it a try. She put some olive oil in a spray bottle and sprayed in on after she got out of the shower. She loved the way it made her skin feel, but didn’t like the scent so much. She then started adding different scent to it, and after using it for herself for almost a decade is now sharing her secret!

  The products are dedicated to her grandmother, who had a huge impact on herself and 3 cousins and 2 sisters growing up, hence the name “sassy sistas” Every Spritzer that is made is made with all natural ingredients that are good for your skin, such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Argon Oil.

   Their spritzers, as they’re called, have multiple uses. Here are just a few of them


  • Use in place of lotion, or can use in bath by adding a half cup of oil
  • Shaving – Can use as a shaving oil
  • Scrub – Can make a scrub by adding a little bit of sugar to the oil
  • Hair Conditioner – Leave in overnight and then rinse out with shampoo in the morning
  • Make Up Remover
  • Nail and Cuticle Conditioner


I was able to try out 3 different scents, Girls Night Out, Happy Girls are the Prettiest, and It doesn’t hurt to be a Gentleman. After smelling all three, which all smelled amazing in the bottle, I decided to try Girls Night Out First.

Girls Night Out
   Girls Night Out smells like sweet blueberries. I sprayed this on after I got out of the shower. I have mentioned before in other post, that I have really dry skin, and this spray really did leave my skin feeling more hydrated and made it feel smoother.

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

   The next night I tried Happy Girls are the Prettiest. This has a light Lemon scent to it. Along with dry skin, I also have dry, unruly, and sometimes crazy hair. I decided to try this as a leave in conditioner on the ends of my hair, and leave overnight. The next morning I rinsed it out, and my hair did feel slightly softer.

   Being a cosmetologist and hair product lover, I know olive oil and argon oil are used in many hair products for moisturizing. I think this is great to use as a leave in if you have dry hair. Just be sure not to use to much, and shampoo and rinse thoroughly the next morning, or you will look like a oily mess. 😉

It Doesn’t Hurt To Be A Gentleman
   I let my fiance who is definitely a “manly man” try  It Doesn’t hurt to be a Gentleman. As a carpenter, he is sometimes out in the elements and his skin gets windburned and chapped, especially his hands. I had him try this out on his hands, and he said it definitely seemed to help. He is use to using unscented products, but said he liked the smell of this. I’m not really sure how to describe the scent of this, but it does smell really good… like a light men’s cologne.
   I’ve been trying to think of a downside to these products, since usually there are positive and negatives to everything, but honestly I cant think of any. The only thing I can think of is, certain scents might not be for everyone, depending on what you like. I really liked the three I tried, and I can be kinda picky sometimes, so you will just have to try them for yourself and see. I will say that my favorite was probably Girls Night Out.
   I think this product smells great, was super hydrating, and I like the fact that it’s made with natural ingredients and has so many different uses.They are also super reasonably prices, and I love how the idea and concept got started.
 I was also let you in on a little secret… they are going to start making a kids line soon, which I can’t wait to try for my 3 girls! I also want to mention that I am not receiving any type of commission or pay for writing this review. I was simply offered the samples free to try, and really like the product, and I think you will too!

You can find out more information by going to www.6sassysistas.com Also remember to use the code sassyjessica to receive 10% off at checkout.
You can also check it out more on instagram @sassysistajessica31

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