ISA Flat Iron

I was recently offered the chance to try ISA professional ceramic flat iron in exchange for my unbiased review. As a cosmetologist, and as someone who has naturally wavy and unruly hair, I have tried many flat irons over the years.I have tried everything from professional brands, to the cheaper ones sold in stores, and let me tell you, you can definitely telI a difference! I have seen lots of women ruin their hair by using cheap metal flat irons, and/or not using the right products.

ISA flat iron is made with solid Tourmaline Ceramic, which transfers heat more evenly than metal. It also features a digital temperature control.I’ve seen some of the other cheaper irons have temperature controls labeled 1-10, so you never really know exactly what temperature your getting. If the temp is too low then you are not going to get the results your looking for, and even worse, if the temp is too high then you risk burning and damaging your hair. I suggest when you get any flat iron to make sure it has the proper temp control, preferably a LCD display like this one from ISA. 

This flat iron from ISA has temperature setting range from 175-450. If you have fine, damaged or chemically treated hair it is recommended that you use it below 300 degrees. If you have normal hair 300-380 and thick, coarse or extra curly at 300-400. Always start with the lowest setting and work your way up, and ALWAYS use some kind of heat protectant.

Here are some of the things I liked after trying the ISA flat iron

  • Tourmaline Ceramic plates for even heat transfer
  • LCD Temperature Control
  • It has an automatic 45 minute auto shut off. ( I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back in the past and make sure my old flat iron was turned off)
  • Has a really long cord
  • They offer a full 2 year warranty
  • Smoothed, straightened, and tamed my wavy hair
  • It also has a control lock so if you accidentally touch the button while styling your hair, it wont change the temperature.
This is my actual before and after. The first one was taken the night before after I washed and let my hair dry natural without any product. The second pic was the next day after using a heat protectant and the flat iron by ISA Professional
BEFORE                                          AFTER

Overall I think this is a great flat iron, and would definitely recommend this one to others.
You can find out more info here or to order Twitter @ISAprofessional Instagram isa.professional
The corporate website is
Disclaimer: I did receive this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review

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