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Bing Rewards is a program ran by Microsoft that allows you to earn free gift cards just by using the Bing Search Engine. I have been earning gift cards for about 8 months now through this program. I think it’s one of the easiest programs out there to easily earn a few gift cards. Although, I will admit Bing isn’t my preferred search engine, it’s super easy to just do a few quick searches. I usually spend maybe 5-10 minutes each morning doing a couple searches, and that’s it..there’s no surveys, filling out forms, or anything.


How It Works

You simple go to and sign up. For every two searches, you are awarded 1 point. The maximum number you can earn in one day is 15 points when using a PC. You can then do up to 10 searches on your mobile phone, for a total of 25 points a day. You also earn 150 points for each friend you refer who participates. Once you’ve earned enough points for a gift card, you simply add it to your cart, and they email it to you usually within 24-48 hours.

I find Bing one of the easiest ways to earn free gift cards. I mean sure, its usually only about $5 a month, but the way I look at it is, if your online doing searches anyway, you might as well earn something from it if you can.

What about you, do you use Bing Rewards? 

If you would like to sign up you can use my referral link here.

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