No Time For Dry Skin Product Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to try a product called No Time For Dry Skin by Mom of 11 Kids. As the name implies, the creator of this all natural skincare line has 11 children. She has 4 from a previous marriage, and then married a man who had 7 of his own. She jokes that it’s like the Brady Bunch on Steroids. Some people think I’m crazy for having 4 kids. I can’t imagine all the laundry, and how busy she must stay on a daily basis with 11!

No Time For Dry Skin is formulated for use in newborns and up. While it is made for babies, it is also great for moms too, as I found out. It is made with all natural oils and butters, such as jojoba oil, cocoa butter, argan oil and more.

All of the products from this line are made without any unnecessary chemicals, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, and are soy, gluten and dairy free.

This particular product comes in a 3.2 oz jar. When I first opened it I noticed it had no smell whatsoever. It is also pretty thick, and more emollient than your typical baby lotion.

 I used this on my 15 month old for the first time after I gave her a bath one night. I usually use a typical brand lotion after her bath, although she has never really had a problem with dry skin or any other skin problems. However, I think this product would be great for babies or kids with especially dry skin or problems with fragrance or certain chemicals.

 The product is thicker than most lotions but still easy to apply. It does also go on a bit greasier than your typical lotion, but I found that it still absorbed fairly quickly. This product also worked great on my dry skin and my itchy humongous pregnant belly. 🙂

If you have a chance you should check out this product and the rest of the line. In addition to this product, she also makes one especially for eczema, and a stretch mark cream for moms to be, along with several other products for moms and babies.

Overall, I really liked the product, and love that it’s made for moms and babies by a mom herself!

Disclaimer: I did receive this item free for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

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