Halloween Candy Bones Recipe

HALLOWEEN candy bones

 So I found this recipe on Pinterest several weeks ago. I can’t remember who actually had the recipe, but I’ve seen it on Facebook and several other places since then. My 4 year old loves to bake and help me make things in the kitchen, and it’s one of the ways we get to spend quality one on one time together. I saw this and knew it would be something she would have fun making. Plus it looked super easy, which I’m all for! 

What You Need:

  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Marshmallows (mini)
  • Vanilla (white chocolate coating)
  • Wax Paper or Non-Stick Bakeware


What To Do:

  • Take pretzels and add a marshmallow to each end
  • Melt the white chocolate on a double burner over low heat stirring frequently
  • Next, cover the pretzels in the melted white chocolate and place on wax paper.
and that’s it! Told you it was simple πŸ™‚




Mmmm… πŸ™‚


The Finished Product πŸ™‚


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