Measupro Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure measurement is one of the main vital signs along with respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body temp to monitor health. 

This blood pressure monitor by Measupro allows you to easily keep track of blood pressure and heart rate at home. You should always seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare provider, but having this machine at home allows for a little piece of mind.

This blood pressure monitor features a color coded backlit LCD screen, and has storage modes where you can keep track of up to 60 readings for two separate users. It can also calculate and average your last 3 readings,and detect irregular heartbeats and arrhythmias. 2 AA batteries are also included as well as a soft storage case.

I found this very easy to use and user friendly. The cuff itself was snug, but comfortable, and easy to adjust. I think this is a great monitor, and one of the many ways you can monitor your health at home that’s easy and affordable.

Disclaimer: I did receive this item at a discount however all opinions are my own.

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