Ozeri 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan

Ozeri Green Earth Frying pan features a textured non stick coating from Germany and is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. Many other non stick pans use PTFE which is a waxy synthetic substance. At very high temperatures the PTFE can start to decompose and release fumes which can be harmful to humans. With this pan, even at very high temperatures, there is no need to worry about harmful toxins.

The skillet itself is made from die-cast aluminum. It also features a comfortable silicone handle, and the inside of the skillet has an elevated texture to evenly distribute heat. I have used this several times now for making omelette’s and frying bacon. The pan seems very well constructed, and I haven’t had any problems with food sticking, which also makes it super easy to clean. I also want to note, that before you use the skillet they recommend that you first season it with  tiny amount of oil. Overall, this seems to be a great pan that I will enjoy using regularly.

You can find this item as well as other products from Ozeri on Amazon here.

Disclosure: I did receive this item free for testing and review purposes, however all opinions are my own.

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