Grammarly~ How to Eliminate Grammar Mistakes

The #1 Writing Tool
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This is a little different post than I normally do, but it is a service I have been using for several months, and I think some of my readers would love as well!

Grammarly is a tool that corrects contextual spelling mistakes, gives suggestions, checks for plagiarism and more. Grammarly is something I have been using for several months, but I wish I would have been using much sooner! I think I originally found out about it on another blog and signed up. It is absolutely free to sign up for the basic service (which is what I use), or you can pay $29.95 for the premium service.

All you have to do is sign up and then copy and paste any text into the Grammarly, text editor. You can also sign up for a browser extension with Google Chrome or Safari (I use the extension for Chrome) that will correct your grammar and spelling mistakes on any platform such as your blog, email, even twitter or facebook.

The #1 Writing Tool

Sometimes I get in such a hurry especially when I’m writing a blog post because I want to get all my thoughts out, that I rarely pay attention to misspelled words or punctuation. This tool allows me to type freely, and then I’m able to go back and fix all those pesky mistakes using Grammarly before I publish them.

 I also use this for email, facebook and twitter, but where this has really come in handy is doing a blog post. I use to use just the built in spell checker for blog posts, but Grammarly does so much more, such as giving suggestions when you have overused a word, pointing out unclear antecedents, punctuation and more.

If you feel this is something that would be helpful like I do, then you can join for free using my referral link below. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Grammarly Proofreader

The #1 Writing Tool


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