Abuela Mami Cuban Subscription Box

Abuela Mami is a subscription box that brings monthly Cuban goodies to your door. They include food, snacks, coffee, kitchen tools, mugs and other Cuban Memorabilia for $25.95. You can also receive 10% off right now when you sign up for their mailing list.

 Each box contains 4-9 items, or you can also subscribe to the Cuban coffee only option for $25.95 and in case you are wondering as I was, Abuela is Grandmother and Mami is Mom in Spanish. Grandmother Mom. 🙂

When I first opened the box a card was included that listed the contents of the box: 


First glance when opening the box
Breakdown of the individual items:
Plantain Soup Mix – This soup has 0 trans fat, no salt, is gluten free and all natural. You mix this with water and either chicken, beef or fish concentrate. I honestly have not had a chance to try this yet, but will update when I do.
Badia Complete Seasoning – This seasoning mix is also gluten free and contains garlic and onion as well as some other herbs and spices. We had this on baked chicken the other night, and it was really good. You can also use this on fish, meat vegetables or pretty much anything as an all purpose seasoning mix.

Aluminum Cup – Great for hot or cold liquids

Cafe La Llave – I was most excited to try this. I do not have an espresso maker (although I wish I did) so I did as the direction said and added a tablespoon to one full pot. It made my coffee taste rich and smooth and didn’t have a bitter after taste. I’m going to try making this in the French Press tomorrow to get more of the full experience.

Papaya Chunks – These were super sweet. I’m not a huge fan of papayas, but my daughters really liked them.

Conchita Guava Paste – We had this with cream cheese and crackers as suggested. I had never had this before. The best way I can describe it is its kind of like a jam but thicker, and you can slice it. It has a sweet taste, and we really liked it. You can also use it in empanada or fillings for cookies or muffins, which sounds really good!

Cuba Keychain – This was a fun Cuban novelty item that was included

Sesame & Strawberry Candies – The strawberry candies were one of my favorite candies growing up. I remember teachers use to pass these out to us in school growing up for good behavior. I shared some with my oldest daughter, and she really liked them too.
This would be a great box for anyone who enjoys traditional Cuban snacks and gifts, or for someone like myself, who enjoys trying and learning new things!
To learn more or to find out how to order yours, you can go to www.abuelamami.com or you can also follow them on Instagram Facebook or Twitter @AbuelaMamiMiami
Disclosure: I did receive this complimentary box for review purposes. However, all opinions are my own.


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2 Responses

  1. Orlando says:


    That is less than $6 worth of stuff! And they sell this for $26!?!

    I like the idea, but that’s a ridiculous markup.

    I mean, they sell 40 oz of Cafe Bustelo for $26 plus shipping! Forget that you can get 40 oz of Bustelo in Miami for $5 (literally $1.25 per 10 oz) – Amazon sells 10 oz for $3.12 shipped anywhere for free. That’s $12.48 – less than half the price!

    They won’t succeed for long ripping people off like this. Once the novelty wears, people will wonder what they are paying for. They have to harness economies of scale instead.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Most of the products they included are not products easily found where I live (the Midwest), and I didn’t check the prices on Amazon, so I was unaware of the individual prices.

      However, I totally understand your point if you can get the items at a much lower cost.

      I think it’s more like you said, and maybe a novelty item for some, and the fact that it’s a subscription box and different each month.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting! I love hearing others viewpoints.

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