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Montecito Cosmetics is a company that offers cosmetics, skin care, and bath and shower products with a French Flair. I recently was offered the chance to try several of their products. 

Since they sell makeup, and bath products. I wanted to try out a few of each.


This is from Montecito Cosmetics La Pin Up Collection. In addition, to the after shower cream they also offer, a shine gel, exfoliating shower mousse, bath salts, and a salt scrub or you can get the whole set in a gift box set. It comes in a 4 oz container and retails on the site for $19.90. 

This creme smells slightly floral, and I while I don’t usually like to compare products to other brand name products, it kind of reminds me of Soap & Glory, which happens to be one of my favorite products. Except I think, I like the Montecito Creme better!

 This left my skin super hydrated with no greasy after feel. The scent is also long lasting but not overpowering. This has quickly become one of my favorite products, and I’ve been using it every day after I get out of the shower.


Ahhhh…how I love bath bombs! While I’m normally a quick shower type of girl, I love when I can find time to unwind with bath bombs, salt salts and other girly stuff I love. 

These bath bombs are from Montecito’s Rituals Spa Collection and come in a pack of 3 for $11.90. They are highly fragrant, even left in the box, they make the whole room smell wonderful! They are also made with Elemi essential oils, which is known for anti-aging benefits.

Next, I tried out a few products from their makeup line


All Matte Pore Primer is a mattifying base applied after face cream and before foundation to give you more of a smooth canvas for applying your foundation. It retails for $25.90 on their website.

 I was a little nervous about trying this. My skin is normally dry, so I was a little worried it would dry my skin out too much. However, I’ve also been looking for a product that would help my foundation go on smoother, and last longer without creasing into my fine lines. (yes I have a few) 😉

 This product went on silky smooth, and I was actually surprised by the texture. It wasn’t drying at all, but it also wasn’t oily. It made my skin texture appear smoother; my foundation went on smooth without caking, and it gave an overall even appearance. 

This is now a product I use in my daily makeup ritual (even on days when I don’t wear much makeup) this gives my face a smooth, fresh look.


One Touch Glow Highlighter $19.90 – This product can be used for several things. First, you can use it for strobing, eye makeup correction or as a concealer. It has an ultra-fine tip, so it’s easy to control when using as a spot concealer.

 I have used this several times for highlighting, and it gives you that fresh glow without being overly shiny. It also works great to brighten up the under eye area.

Overall I am super pleased with all of the items from Montecito Cosmetics. I can’t wait to try even more of their products and definitely found a few products that I’m not going to go without!

You can check out these or any of their other products at

Disclosure: I did receive these items free for review purposes. However, all opinions are my own.


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