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What is Bulu Box???

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box that inspires you to get healthy and contains 4-5 premium vitamin supplements and other health products for $10 a month. Upon registration, you fill out a user profile survey (including dietary restrictions if any) so they can better match your preferences.The goal is to give people the chance to try supplements and products before committing to the full price version. 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Get a 3 Month Subscription ($30 Value) For Just $10! Use Promo Code Wowzas Today and Save!Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Get a 3 Month Subscription ($30 Value) For Just $10! Use Promo Code Wowzas Today and Save!

They have two boxes to choose from Bulu Box Original, which contains items such as sports nutrition, sleep and healthy snacks plus extras like gym cards or a DVD. The Weight Loss Box, which is also the same price of $10/month, includes weight loss items, energy aids, sleep aids, fat burners as well as bonus items such as fitness gear and kitchen tools

This is the succeed at weight loss box for February and included 5 samples + 3 bonus samples

They also have one of the most awesome rewards systems I’ve seen from a subscription box. They offer many ways to earn reward points that you can then use to buy full-size products in their online store. Every 50 in Rewards points is worth $5. You can earn 10 points for every survey sample you complete for the month, and can also earn points for referring friends and other ways such as sharing on social media. So there are many ways to earn points! 

 Here’s what I received for the month of February 

Skinny Me Tea Full Size Retail: $19.95/30 Tea Bags
It is recommended to drink 1 cup of the Skinny Me Tea after your last meal of the day and before bedtime. The tea is supposed to work as a natural cleanser and helps release excess toxins.
Toufayan Gluten Free Pita Chips  Retail $19.64/4 Bags
These are scoop-able pita chips and are gluten-free, GMO-free and oven baked. These chips are crunchy, salty, non-greasy and have a great flavor. They are everything you expect from a chip only better for you! I ate most of the bag not long after I took this pic. 🙂
Body360 Burn360 Full Size Retail Price $29.99/72 Caplets
Burn 360 contains antioxidants that combat stress and aging are are used for boosting metabolism. These pills are a little on the larger side, so they may not be for someone who has a problem taking pills. I found that they didn’t leave a bitter after taste and gave me a slight increase in energy level. I would probably have to take this a little while longer to report the full effects.
Almased M Protein Powder Full Size Retail Price $33.99/10 Servings 
Almased is a natural meal replacement that boosts metabolism and helps to balance blood sugar and thyroid function. I first tried this by adding it to a small glass of water.The flavor was not that great alone, so I mixed it with milk and a little bit of vanilla and found it much easier to drink. 
MealEnders Full Size Retail $14.95/25 Pieces 
These come in several different flavors such as chocolate mint and cinnamon and are designed to curb cravings. I found all 4 flavors to taste great. They leave a slight tingling in your mouth after being dissolved which is supposed to signal and clear the palate and cue the end of eating. I found this a little weird at first, but it’s nothing unpleasant… just different.
NeoCell Beauty Bursts (Bonus Sample)  Full Size Retail $22.49/60 Chews
These are used to improve the health of skin hair and nails and are in the form of a soft chew. I have taken many supplements in the past for hair and nail health but would definitely rather take it in this form compared to capsules. They also taste great and are easy to chew with no bitter after taste.
Earth’s Care Dry and Cracked Skin Balm (Bonus Sample) Full Size Retail $12.99/2.5oz Tub
This is a 100% natural thick balm and has a slight mentholatum type smell to it, although it fades rather quickly.It is super hydrating, and a little bit goes a long way. I used this on my hands, feet and elbows and it worked great. This is especially handy for the winter months when my skin is a little drier, and I sometimes need a heavier balm.
BANDA-SiL (Bonus Sample) $10.99/.75oz Tub
 This product is designed to promote faster healing and work as a barrier to germs. I have never used this particular product, but we used a similar one when I worked as a nurse, for patients with minor abrasions to prevent infection. I haven’t had a chance to use this particular product yet, as thankfully no one in our house has any cuts or minor burns at the moment.
One of the reasons I really like this box is it gives you an opportunity to try before you buy plus with Bulu Boxes great points system you can save lots of money should you decide to buy the full-size versions! Some of these I would buy the full size, and some I wouldn’t, but at least now I know after trying them in the Bulu Box!
You can check out Bulu Box here to learn more.
 **You can also 50% off a 3-month subscription when you use the code WONDERFUL


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Disclosure: I did receive this box complimentary however all opinions and experiences are my own. You should also seek the advice and approval of your doctor before starting any new supplements, weight loss products, etc..

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