She Crate Fun! February


She Crate is a monthly subscription box that provides a way for moms and their little girls to have a fun bonding experience.(ages 4-12) They include arts/crafts, beauty/health items, and more. 

I love the whole concept of the She Crate box, and we had so much fun with our last one. You can check that out here if you’re interested. Another thing about She Crate is they donate a portion of their monthly proceeds to girls organizations and charities, how great is that! 

I could tell as soon as we opened the box that this was going to be a lot of fun and right up our alley! This month’s box included nail polish and lipgloss for both of us from Bellalicious Cosmetics, jeweled nails strips, nail polish remover, and a notepad and matching pencils set.


This nailpolish is made by bellalicious which you can check out here if you’re interested. They are a kids cosmetic line that is also all natural and organic. In addition to nail polish, they also offer lipgloss and hair care products. Included this month was a bigger sized polish for myself and a smaller one for my little mini.


 Included this month to go along with our beauty date fun was LA. Colors nail polish remover pads and nail jeweled strips. I have to say, I’ve never seen or heard of the nail polish remover pads, but they smell like strawberries. Much better than the tradional nail polish remover!


Also, from the Bellalicious line, included were 2 lipglosses. I love the colors, and they have such cute names.We received Confident Not Conceited (the red color) and Don’t Ever Quit (the pink color)

Notepad and matching pencil set
We can never have enough of these in our house, and this set is super cute!

I couldn’t wait to schedule time for my one on one play-date with my 4 year old. Sometimes it’s hard because I also have younger children that sometimes demand attention, and currently have one that is teething and not sleeping well. With everything going on lately, I knew it was especially important for me to take some one on one time with her! She is so patient and is such a good big sister and loves helping out with the younger ones.

 One of the great things I love about SheCrate is the activities are usually simple and not something you have to stress about. It’s all about having fun and simply bonding by sharing your time together. My daughter loves it!


I have to admit we have play-dates occasionally were I paint her nails and then I do my own, but I’ve never let her practice doing my nails. She was super excited that I let her paint my nails and said she was “concentrating real hard” She actually did a pretty good job, and also loved being able to put on lipgloss. (we practiced using the selfie mode on my camera) Haha

Aww…I love this pic and so happy I got to spend some fun one on one bonding time with her thanks to She Crate!

 We had such a great time, and the memories and time spent are far better than any toy I could buy her! 

You can order you own monthly playdate experience if you’re interested at

You can also check out Bellalicious Cosmetics at

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