Hatchery February Tasting Box


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Hatchery is a monthly subscription box that delivers small batched ingredients by independent makers across the country. Each month they hand select a variety of spreads, condiments, jams, syrups, oils, vinegar, salts, spices, baking ingredients and cocktail mixers delivered to your door for only $25


Included in every box is a Tasting Guide were you can meet the makers of the products included in your box along with a recipe or two.

You can also find more recipes on the Hatchery website or order some of your favorite independent makers products in the marketplace

The February Hatchery Box included Thai Salsa from Yai’s Thai, Ancho Chile & Tamarind Sauce from Salsaology, Lavender Honey from Newkirk Honey, Jerk Seasoning from Greenpoint Trading Co. and Classic Ketchup from Sir Kensington’s.

Medium Thai Salsa This salsa is inspired by the founder Leland Copenhagen’s yai (grandmother) using fresh tomatoes, green onion, ginger and cilantro and Thai chilies for a mild heat. You can use this on Fish, tacos, sandwiches or salads. I loved the fresh taste of cilantro in this salsa. I’m not one to usually like super spicy food, but this has a mild flavor that even I could handle. 

 SALSAOLOGY Ancho Chile & Tamarind Sauce handmade in Los Angeles Ca. This sauce is made with smoky spices, roasted peanuts and tangy tamarind with a hint of heat. According to the tasting guide, it goes well with beef, chicken, pork, and tacos. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I’m hoping to use this when I make tacos later on in the week.

Lavender Honey from Newirk Honey handmade in Scranton PA This all natural raw honey is flecked with Lavender buds and can be used on ice cream, tea, or cookies. I didn’t have any ice cream, tea, or cookies to try this on. 🙁 but I did try this on regular toast one morning, and it gave it a sweet earthy and slightly floral taste. They included a recipe for Dutch Baby Pancakes with Lavender Honey this month that I would love to try this on!

Greenpoint Trading Co Jerk Seasoning  Handmade in Brooklyn NY This jerk seasoning is a mix of seasonings and includes cayenne pepper. You can use this seasoning on chicken, pork, shrimp or burgers.
Sir Kensington’s Ketchup This has the classic ketchup taste you love with better ingredients. It features tomatoes and bell peppers for the acid base, made slightly tart with lime juice and tied together by allspice. It is al natural, non-gmo, gluten free, and vegan-friendly.
(Okay, so this isn’t the healthiest meal, but sometimes you just need a burger and fries ya know?)
The ketchup from Sir Kensington had a great flavor and tasted much better than the overly processed traditional store bought versions.
We also used the Jerk Seasoning from Greenpoint Trading Company, and it gave it a great flavor. I saved a little of the packet to use on chicken this week, which I’m sure will taste amazing.

I’m definitely far from a professional chef, but the possibilities of this box are endless. You can keep it simple or whip up an amazing recipe. The Hatchery also includes several recipes on their website to go along with the tasting box and they also have a marketplace should you find something in the tasting box you can’t live without and want to purchase the full-size version.

This would also make a great gift for any foodie, or is even great for a novice like myself who likes to try new products… and who doesn’t love food??

You can check them out more or get your own Hatchery Tasting Box at https://hatchery.co

Hatchery Tasting Box


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