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bff mask package
BFF Masks (Best Face Forward) sends 5 sheet masks + a special bonus mask monthly for $15 + 8% tax with free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. If you subscribe by the 20th of the month you will receive the following month’s bag.  
Just in case you are unfamiliar with sheet masks, they are thin cotton like sheets that are saturated in essence and are made in many variation’s for different skin needs.
 I love how convenient they are; they each come in their own package, and all you do is simply cleanse your skin as normal, apply and leave on for 15-20 minutes, and then pat the excess essence into your skin: no need for rinsing. I have become a huge fan of Korean sheet masks this year and use them, at least, weekly!
This month included 5 sheet masks and two samples of peeling gel


Nature Republic Mask Snail

snail mask

I have actually used this mask before and love it! This mask contains snail secretions to help moisturize skin, promote skin renewal and soothe skin.

 I’ll admit, the first time I  used this mask thinking about putting snail secretions on my skin seemed a little weird, but it works!. I would much rather use something with beneficial natural ingredients like this, than beauty product with tons of chemicals I can’t pronounce, when given the choice. The essence isn’t sticky, absorbs well and left my skin overall smooth.

Lovemore Soymilk


I haven’t had a chance to try this mask yet, but it is supposed to be great for it’s moisturizing and soothing properties. It contains soymilk which is also great for anti-aging. I’ve read several reviews of it, and everyone seems to really like it.

Holika Holika Before Sleep

holika mask

This mask is supposed to be calming and includes Lavender, milk, jasmine and cherry blossom. I  normally love anything that contains Lavender. When I opened the mask, I noticed a faint scent but definitely not overpowering. I didn’t notice a huge difference in relaxation, because, to me, all sheet masks are relaxing. 

TonyMoly I’m real Broccoli Mask Sheet

tony moly broccoli mask

This mask is used for vitality and contains good for your skin nutrients.  It has a slight cooling sensation and overall it gave my skin a smoother and brighter look. I also want to mention my skin can sometimes be pretty sensitive, so I was a little worried, but it didn’t cause any major redness or irritation and worked great!

Nature Republic Help Ceramide

help me mask
This mask was infused with what seemed like a lot of essence and was far wetter than the other mask. I found this mask to be super hydrating compared to the other mask, which works great for my dry skin! It did take awhile for the essence to absorb completely after I removed the mask, but it left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft.
Ohui Soft Peeling
bff samples
Also included in this month BFF bag were 2 samples of Ohui Soft Peeling. This is a gentle exfoliating cleanser. I found it to be gentle and not overly abrasive, but it did a great job at exfoliating.
Overall I loved everything included this month! This is a great way to try different varieties of sheet masks or to stock up monthly,that way you never have to be without! 
You can check out BFF mask more or subscribe to get your own monthly bag at 

Use the code BFFAMY to receive 10% OFF your first month’s subscription!

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