Exterior Indulgence March Subscription Box

ext indulg box open march


Exterior Indulgence offers monthly subscription items with products to indulge in.  They offer two selections now, the mini which features 3-5 bath, beauty and artisan finds for $14.99 a month, and the deluxe option which features 7-10 items for $29.99 a month. (which in my opinion is well worth it and has absolutely everything you will need for the whole month.) I’ve been using my products from last month’s box almost daily and still have a little bit leftover of some of the items, Everything is hand made and also include artisan finds to spoil you.

Here’s what I received for the month of March

Chocolate Mint Shampoo 4 oz., Chocolate Mint
Conditioner 4 oz., Ylang Ylang Leave-in Conditioner, Fresh Brewed Coffee Goats Milk Soap 3oz, Chocolate Mint Guest Soap 1 oz, Chocolate Mint Body Creme 4 oz, 4 Handmade No-Bend Hair Elastics, Hand Painted Chocolate Bark from Luna Salt, Vanilla Lip Balm.


Here’s a breakdown of each item

ext choco shampoo and cond

 Chocolate Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

I have never even heard of another Chocolate MintShampoo. I mean I’m sure someone makes it somewhere, but I’ve never heard of it or tried it. I love unique items like this! This shampoo did a great job at cleaning my hair, and the conditioner was very moisturizing.


ext indulg ylan ylan leave in

Ylang Ylang Leave-in Conditioner

I absolutely love the sweet floral smell of Ylang Ylang! This worked great on not only my hair but also did an amazing job at detangling and smoothing my 4-year-old and almost 2-year-olds hair.


ext ind coffee soap

 Freshly Brewed Coffee Goats Milk Soap

This soap smells exactly like it says, so if you love coffee like I do, you’ll love this. This soap is perfect for a pick me up shower in the morning, or if you’re like me…anytime. 🙂

chocolate mint soap

 Mint Chocolate Swirl Guest Soap

 This soap smells like an Andes mint! It contains Organic Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Coconut oil so it’s also hydrating and won’t dry out your skin.


chocolate mint body creme

 Chocolate Mint Body Creme

This body creme smells amazing and is very hydrating. I love how most of the products are the same scent, that way you can use just one product or layer for a stronger scent.


handmade no bend hair elastics

4 Handmade No-Bend Hair Elastics

I love that these were included this month and match the overall hair theme! These are handmade and super cute!


chocolate luna salt

Hand painted Chocolate Bark from Luna Salt

I was a little bummed at first to see this got broke in the mail. However, it didn’t effect the taste at all. This chocolate is hand painted, hand crafted, hand mixed and infused with sea salt. It was delicious! I tried a bite not long after taking this picture and then read on the back that it was also good served cold, so I stuck it in the fridge for awhile and then ate the rest. This was the perfect treat!


La Luna Salt Smoked Sugar

This was a sample that was included from La Luna salt which also made the delicious chocolate. It is smoked sugar infused with cacao. I sprinkled a little of this in my coffee, and it gave it a great flavor. I looked at their website, and they offer a huge variety of infused sea salts from black truffle, habanero sugar, aged balsamic and more. This is such a unique item and would be fun to bake with. I may have to try out some of the other flavors soon. You can also check them out more if you’re interested at www.lalunasalt.com

ext indulg vanilla lip balm

Vanilla Lip Balm

This Vanilla Lip Balm smelled like a vanilla cupcake and was super hydrating. I like to keep lip balm stashed everywhere, so I was happy this was included. I usually keep one or two in my purse, a few in my makeup dresser, and few different varieties with my skincare items.


This was another awesome month from Exterior Indulgence. Everything was expertly curated and handmade beautifully. I use all types of products, but I especially love handmade small batched items that you can tell a lot of thought, love and attention to detail went into each one; like the box from Exterior Indulgence. This is definitely not your typical “beauty box”.I also love that they offer a choice between a mini box or the deluxe option.

If you would like to order a box for yourself or as a gift you can order on the website at exteriorindulgence.com You can also use the code SIMPLE20 for 20% OFF your first month and be sure to follow them by email and on Instagram @exteriorindulgence on Twitter @exteriorindulge and Facebook at Exterior Indulgence

You can also read my review of February’s Exterior Indulgence Box here if you’re interested Exterior Indulgence February

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