arQube Sock Subscription

arqube 5 pairs


How Does it Work?

arQube is a  subscription service that offers five pairs of bamboo charcoal for $24 a month. You can choose a 1 month or 6-month subscription and can cancel or change your subscription at anytime. They also offer a trial cube.


Why Bamboo-Charcoal?

Bamboo-Charcoal is known to reduce odor and sweat. It also has antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. There is also no added chemical or dyes in these socks.

arQube also chose bamboo fabric because it is a sustainable material, can grow in harsh conditions, is renewable and requires little to zero pesticides.

arqube 1 pair


My Thoughts?

I found them to be high quality, breathable, comfortable ( no irritation from elastic like other socks) and they kept their shape and same stretchiness after several washes.

I think this is a great idea for a subscription. Everyone needs socks, so this is super convenient and delivered right to your door!  Plus I found them much better quality than socks you buy at your traditional box stores, and I’m sure they will hold up better. Not to mention you’re also helping the environment by buying a sustainable product.

You can find out more about arQube or how to order at

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