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What is The Storybox?


StoryBox is a monthly subscription box that contains two children’s books for $21.99/month, or you can prepay for  3 or 6 months for a cheaper monthly rate. Each box is carefully curated by a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. Each month you also receive a parents guide specific to your books, categorized into different groups filled with tips and activities to make the most of your family reading time.


Here’s what was included in the March Box


storybox books



Big Bouffant

by Kate Hosford and illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown

This is a bright and colorful book. It follows along Anabelle, who on the first day of school noticed all the girls had ponytails and braids. She decided she wanted to look different and after seeing a picture of her grandmother decided she wanted a big bouffant! My 4-year-old found this book super funny, and it also kept my almost 2 year old engaged, and I loved that it encourages individuality. Although my daughter will start kindergarten in the fall and I’m perfectly fine with her wearing pigtails, ponytails, and braids. 🙂




by Michael Foreman

Friends is a story about two friends (a cat and fish) and their adventures together. This book is beautifully illustrated and my 2 year old loved pointing at the pictures. In the parents guide it suggested that for my 4-year-olds age group, we discuss different bodies of water and sizes. We also had a  discussion about the types of fish and other creatures found in different bodies of water.







My Thoughts?

In the age of so much technology and kids starting younger and younger with computers and tablets I think reading is still one of the best ways to engage with a child. Not only are you spending valuable time with them but it has endless benefits, such as exposing them to learning and vocabulary and communication skills. My parents read to me almost nightly when I was growing up. I remember I always loved that time and always begged for “just one more book.”

I try to read to my kids daily and my two year old has recently become fascinated with books. She will bring one to me, sit on my lap, and likes to point at the pictures as I read to her. My 4-year-old is a little more interested in her tablet at this point, but I try to limit her time and encourage reading. StoryBox, in my opinion, is a great way to encourage reading and conveniently have it delivered to your door!



big bouffant



If you want to find out more about The StoryBox you can go to their website below and get $6 off first order This would also make a great gift for grandparents, and other family members to give to the kids in their family.

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How do you encourage reading in your home?

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