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 cutebox march



What is The CuteBox?

CuteBox  handpicks cute and interesting items such as wall stickers, nail art supplies, jewelry, stationery items &  more delivered monthly for $18. with free shipping for U.S. Each month contains 10+ items. You also have the choice to only buy one box and can cancel at anytime.


Here’s What We Received in the March Cute Box

mini letterset, pocky inspired pen, panda sleep/eye mask, plush kitty ears in grey, Japanese sushi gummy, 4 pieces of Hi-chew, a pair of cute kitty earrings, “candy piece” hairbands, glitter bottle necklace, Gyoza/Dumpling plush, flower pencil pouch, package of page markers.


Mini Letter Set and Pocky Inspired Pen


cutebox letterpress and pen

This is a super cuter mini letter set with a cupcake design and a pocky inspired fine line black ink pen.



Panda Sleep Mask


cutebox panda sleep mask

How cute is this mask?? Great for when you just want to shut the world out and relax!




Japanese Sushi gummy


cutebox candy

This is a super fun candy. You can make your own sushi using banana flavored “rice” pieces and peach and lemon flavors for the toppings.



Plush Kitty Ears in Grey


cutebox kitty ears

These cute bell kitty ear clips would be good for cosplay ( if you’re into that) My daughter is completely obsessed with cats, although we have never even had one. She even insists on wearing a kitty shirt most days. She’s been wearing these around the house and acting like a cat and loves them!



Flower Pencil Pouch


cutebox pencil pouch

This is a sweet pencil pouch with lace detail. Besides pencils,  you could put makeup or anything else you like in it.




Glitter Bottle Necklace


cutebox necklace

This is another item my daughter quickly took over. Now she has her own magic pixie/fairy dust.



Gyoza/Dumpling Plush


cutebpx dumpling

This Gyoza Dumpling plush is super cute and a great item for Kawaii collectors.



Cat Earrings


cutebox cat earrings

This is another item my daughter would have quickly taken over if she had pierced ears.





cutebox hi-chew


I have actually heard of these before so I was anxious to try them. They have a great flavor, and, at first, reminded me of Laffy Taffy, then they turned into a softer gum-like texture. They were easy to chew and different than anything I’ve tried before. My favorite was the green apple. 🙂



Candy Hairbands


cutebox candy hairbands

Cute little candy themed hair ties were also included this month.



One Point Markers


cutebox one point marker

I love stationery and accessories. These one point markers are adorable and have cute little piggy faces.


Overall, I think this a great box for Kawaii and “cuteness” lovers. When I was trying to describe each item, the first word that usually came to mind was “cute”, so I think the name fits perfectly.

If you want to subscribe to The CuteBox or send one as a gift, you can go to

You can also use the code Trycute for $3 off the first box right now

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