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Last week after doing my first ever What’s Up Wednesday post, I asked everyone what they thought of the idea and did a poll. They results were everyone said they loved the idea, and I had some very positive feedback….so here it is again this week.


Welcome to What’s Up Wednesday Week 2!


This past week I celebrated my birthday on Friday, April 1st and had a small family get-together at my house on Sunday to celebrate. We had a barbecue, and it was super nice here this weekend. The kids love playing outside. I’m so glad the weather is warming up, so I can take them out more!


I also did my hair color thanks to Madison Reed at home coloring, which you can check out the post here if you’re interested. It was really a pretty basic week with day to day normal task.


Other than that my two youngest kids (6 months and 22 months old) have both been having major sleep issues. My 6-month-old has never slept well at night, but my 22 months old seemed to start waking up more at night after the time change. I have tried everything for both of them, and nothing seems to work. However, my 4-year-old is the complete opposite and loves her sleep. Anyways..as you can imagine, this leads to one exhausted mama and lots of coffee drinking!


I know I’m not the only one who has kids with sleep issues. Although, I’ve heard of other moms brag about how their little ones have slept through the night almost since birth…lucky them!


What are some sleep tricks you use for your little ones?


That’s really all I have for this week. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway sponsored by Manitoba Harvest  here and enter to win an 8-ounce bag of Hemp Hearts!


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