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How To Make


Today I have a super fun project that the kids are going to love! What also makes this project super awesome is it only takes 3 ingredients (glitter glue, Borax, and water) It’s also really easy and can be made in about 10 minutes!


borax and glitter glue

You will need 1 full bottle of Glitter Glue ( we used pink, but they also make it in blue and green and several other colors) feel free to use whatever color you like!

You will also need Borax to make the Glitter Slime. It only requires a small amount of the Borax, but it’s an excellent stain remover, laundry booster, and all natural cleaner.  If your household is like mine, then the rest will definitely go to good use.

Then you will just need a little water….tap water will do! That’s it 🙂


slime mixture


  •  Squirt full bottle(6 oz) of glitter glue and 1 TBS of water in a bowl.
  •  In a separate bowl mix 1 tsp Borax and 1 cup water together.
  •  Combine the Borax mixture with the glitter glue and mix with your hands. Almost instantly you can see the slime start to form.


Told you it was super easy! 🙂



glitter slime 5


Tip: If it starts to get a little too slimy, you can add it back into the water mixture to harden some more.



glitter slime 5

It should look similar to this when finished :0

Store in airtight containers or plastic zip lock baggies when done.

Glitter Slime collage


The slime is stretchy and pliable; great for a quick rainy day or sensory activity that your kids will love!

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