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This is my first ever book review on the blog. Normally I stay away from reviewing books because it’s hard for me to find the time to read them unless the kids are asleep, and by that time I’m usually too exhausted to think straight. πŸ˜‰ I use to love to read all the time, and I’m hoping once the kids are a little older, and on better sleep schedules I can find the time again.

However, I recently saw this book and was immediately drawn to it. I carved out a few minutes here and there and was finally able to read it.

What really drew me to this book was that it is a book written by a mom of three girls (I also have three girls and a son) She doesn’t claim to be an expert, just a mom who has raised three kids and offers her  life experience on balancing kids, marriage, and a business.

In the book, she covers several topics and offers hundreds of tips from birth to age 18. She covers crying, food issues, self-esteem,  marriage and more. She ends the last chapter titled “You as a Person” which I think is great, so many times I think we as moms are so caught up in our children that we sometimes forget our own needs.

She also talked about jealousy between siblings and her experience with her youngest and middle child. I found this very helpful because we are currently dealing with the same issue between my youngest and middle daughter. They are very close in age. My youngest is eight months, and my daughter will be two next month. My almost two years old throws a fit when she sees attention is being paid to her younger sister. Getting them in a picture together is pretty much impossible because my two-year-old kicks and screams when she has to sit by her younger sister.

We have tried everything including spending more one on one time with the two-year-old, trying to include them both in activities, you name it we’ve tried it. The author of the book Limor Friedman offered some great tips on dealing with this.

I’m also hoping since they are both so young this is something my middle child may grow out of at some point. I have faith that they will grow up close loving sisters, with the occasional fight over outfits or other silly stuff sisters fights about. πŸ˜‰

If you are looking for a book from an experienced mom with practical advice, then you should definitely check out this book. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear another mom’s perspective who has been through the same situation.

You can download the ebook on Amazon here The Kindle version is $3.99, or you can purchase the paperback version for $10.53

Disclosure: I did receive this item free for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

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