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Toybox is a monthly kids subscription box that provides select toys for kids ages 4-11. Each month brings a new theme with 2-5 toys for $25 a month with cheaper rates when you pay upfront. 

Toybox was originally started by a mother-daughter team. The grandmother wanted a way to connect with her grandkids and had the idea of sending special boxes of things she loved as a kid to them. They realized this experience could be extended to everyone such as Grandpas, Aunts, Military parents and friends and Toybox was born!

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This Month’s Theme Was Adventure in the Rainforest

Talk Back Parakeet

talk back parakeet

This is a fun toy that records when you push the button and the eyes light up red; then you can play it back and listen when the eyes are green. My daughter had a lot of fun with this one!

Tiger Tail

tiger tail

Also included this month to fit in with the Rainforest theme was a plush bean bag tiger tail.


Gymnastic Monkey

gymnastic monkey

This cute little Gymnastic Monkey does flips, and stunts by squeezing the bars. I even had fun playing with this one!

Wooden Snake

wooden snakeThis wooden snake features a movable body that is fun to make wiggle around.


Overall, I think this is a fun box and would make a great gift for a child. It encourages classic learning, play and encourages imagination!

If you would like to find out more about Toy Box or how to order your child or as a gift you can go to

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