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I started using Korean skincare products a little over a year ago. A little late to the game than others, but I quickly became obsessed, especially with sheet masks!

I also have to admit, I first fell in love with Korean skincare because I loved the cute packaging that a lot of the products had. However, the more I tried and researched the ingredients I found Korean skincare is way more than just cute packaging!

Asian skincare tends to emphasize more natural ingredients than some of the harsh ingredients we use in Western beauty products.  Some of the ingredients they use are snail mucin used to firm and help to heal skin and sea kelp which helps hydrate and soothe, just to name a few.

Skin18 recently sent me a few products to try, and I was super excited to see the package arrive. Skin18 focuses on skincare items only, and they have a huge selection. Their prices are very reasonable so definitely check them out if you get a chance! 


SOC Animal Cutie Mask Pack anti wrinkle mask

I’m still a sucker for cute packaging, but past the cute packaging, it also has to work of course. 

This product is designed to add extra moisture, has anti-aging properties and more. The print on the mask is made with nontoxic ink from plants.

My first thought was the mask felt thicker than other masks that I’ve tried. Not necessarily a bad thing. I was able to take it out and apply it without worried about ripping the mask, and it also wasn’t dripping in essence, so I didn’t make a mess everywhere. The mask fit great and was very soothing it also absorbed well and didn’t leave a sticky feel after I took it off.


SOC Mask


Besides being fun, I found this mask to be very effective and would definitely buy and use it again. My 9-month-old wasn’t so sure about the mask, and I pretty much had to hide out and let her daddy take care of her for the 20 minutes I had this on. Haha


Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch

luke eye patch

 This eye patch is supposed to plump, revitalize and moisturize.This product contains vitamins A, C, and E orange extract for pore tightening and Hydro-gel for moisture.I love eye patches in general and always need the extra help for my tired eyes! The Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch had a nice cooling effect and stayed on well. It fit great without going into the corners of my eyes.

I’ve had some in the past that were so saturated I was constantly fighting them sliding down my face.  I found that it left the area under my eye smooth and hydrated.

Mirum Fresh Fruit Acai Berry Real Natural Mask Pack 

mirum mask

This mask is used for vitality and freshness. This mask is made from 100% natural cotton which allows the mask to adhere securely and the ingredients to be absorbed better. I have to say I didn’t have any problems with the other mask staying on but this mask definitely adhered the easiest. It contained lots of essences and I even had quite a bit

I have to say I didn’t have any problems with the other mask staying on, but this mask definitely adhered the easiest. It contained lots of essence and I even had quite a bit left over for my neck area. I found this mask to be the most hydrating of the ones I tried. It absorbed well and left my skin feeling super smooth and moisturized.

Ben&Sera 3ml syringe 



This product is used for anti-aging and also has added whitening formula. It is recommended for women over 40.

I’m not quite 40 but decided to give it a try anyway. The effective ingredient in this product is adenosine and is supposed to help with regeneration and elasticity. It only takes one drop of this product. It goes on smooth without any scent and absorbed fairly quickly. I have only used this a few times but overall really like it.

LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask-Wednesday Grape Whitening Mask



LomiLomi offers 7 masks (one for each day of the week) I received the Wednesday mask, which I actually used on a Sunday night in case you’re wondering. 😉 This mask is supposed to help with dark circles and dull skin tone for that mid-week time of tiredness.

This mask was super moisturizing and also contained enough essence for my neck, and I even put some on my arms and legs. The mask fit well and left my skin super smooth. It did take a while to absorb, but it was super hydrating and didn’t leave a sticky film.

My Thoughts

Overall I really liked all the products I tried from Skin18. If you want to find out more or check out some of their other products you can go to www.skin18.c0m You can also go to the skin18 blog here to find out more in general about Korean skincare and finding the right products.

Keep in mind if you do order that it does take a little bit to arrive because they are shipped directly from Hong Kong and normally take around 7-14 days to receive in the U.S. which in my opinion is well worth the wait especially for the price. They also offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more in the United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. All other countries they offer free shipping with $60 or more order.

What are some of your favorite Korean skincare items?

Let me know if you try out skin18 I would love to know what you think!

Disclosure: I did receive these items from Skin18 free for review, however, all opinions are my own.

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