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What’s Up At Home?

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and week so far! I’ve been dealing with sick kiddos all week, but thankfully I think they are getting over it now. We’ve been fortunate in that none of them have been sick much this past year.  

It all started with my oldest daughter complaining of her her forehead hurting “AKA a headache.”

 She ran a temperature for a few days and then my youngest two came down with it. The youngest two never had a fever, just runny nose, and coughing. 

I know they will get several colds over their lifetime, and it could have been much worse, but it’s still no fun watching a 9-month-old and 2-year-old struggle and not being able to sleep due coughing. Needless to say, they all got extra cuddles this week.

While I normally work on the blog after they go to sleep at night and very early in the morning before they get up, I’ve been too tired, so I haven’t got much done…but that’s okay. My kids will always come first and one of the many reasons I’m thankful I can stay home with them now.

Mommin’ Aint Easy!

As a nurse in the past, I was a charge nurse and responsible for the overall care of many patients and overseeing CNA’s. It was around that time my daughter was struggling with asthma and was hospitalized many times. There were many times my daughter was in the hospital that I still had to work 16-hour shifts, not just because I feared to lose my job, or needed the money, but because I was the only nurse on shift and I couldn’t walk off and leave patients without a nurse in the building.

More times than not there was not another nurse to cover my shift. Also as a nurse, if you leave without covering your shift you can face abandonment charges. And I couldn’t leave medically fragile patients and others loved ones without care.

While I loved being a nurse, I’m so glad I don’t have that worry anymore. My oldest daughter hasn’t had an attack in awhile, but thankfully I know I can be right there when she does! 

I look back now and remember being at work and not being able to leave until I found someone when I got the call she was going by ambulance to the hospital and another time when she was in intensive care unit that I had to stay at work for 4 hours until I could find another nurse to cover.


Addy in Hospital

It makes me sad to even think about now, as I remember the stress and worry.


Whoooa…did not mean to get off on a long story. 😉

The point is… I am very thankful, and being a mom is hard… no matter if you work outside the home or are a stay at home mom. We are all just doing the best we can and want what’s best for our kids!

Also, a huge shout out to healthcare workers and other professions who work long hours, weekends and holidays while being away from their own loved ones. I had the privilege of having many great co-workers most of them CNA’s who were some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met and do not get nearly enough pay or recognition for all the do. You are appreciated! 


What’s Up On The Blog?

As I mentioned, I haven’t done much on the blog this week. I have been working on creating a few printables. I love trying to stay organized- I say trying because I am in no way the most organized person. 

I am when it comes to some things…others not so much, but I am a huge “list maker”. I’ve tried keeping spreadsheets and stuff on the computer, but I’m still a very much paper and notebook type person. I start each morning with a To Do List of at least ten things, usually for stuff I need to do at home and on the blog, sometimes more.

 I recently started creating printables to make my own binder to keep up with things for the blog. For the past year, I’ve been keeping everything in 3 notebooks. After trying to find pre-made planners that had everything I needed and not being able to find them, I decided to just create my own.

I am making these for myself, but once I have them finished, I will try to share on the blog for other bloggers who think they may be useful. Some of the pages are also universal and not just for bloggers.

I made a household binder similar to this a few years ago, and we still use it.

I also have a few giveaways coming up on the blog that I know you guys will love! So make sure to sign up by email here or follow on Facebook, so you don’t miss out!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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