Preparing for a Minor Emergency with a First Aid Kit

patch up kit

Preparing for the Unexpected

I’m one of those people that always like to prepare for the unexpected. I mentioned last week that we took a little overnight trip only around an hour away from our house. I started making checklist the week before and trying to prepare, part of that is I just like to plan things and the other part is I just simply didn’t want to forget anything.

Even with all the planning I did, I had a massive migraine the night we were going to leave so we didn’t leave until the next day. Once we got there and ate the kids were way to cranky, hot and tired to do most of the activities we planned. They also had a very hard time sleeping being away from home so we ended up leaving the early next morning for everyone’s sanity.

I totally blame myself and not the kids for this one, but there’s just no way any of us could have planned for that…Sometimes you just have to roll with it, especially when you have young kids.


Patch Up First Aid Kit

One thing I think no one should be without is a well packed First Aid Kit. I own several of them. I like to keep one in the car, and a couple at home and I also had one packed for our trip.

patch up kit full


I recently was asked to review the Patch Up Emergency Kit and it’s one of the most nicely organized ones I’ve seen.

It is fully stocked with almost all the essentials you would need for minor emergencies and is great for at home, cars, boating or camping.

patch up first aid kit


It contains 270 items including the standard band-aids, gauze, etc and also includes items such as an instant ice pack, emergency blanket, CPR mask, disposable gloves, face masks, and more. It also includes a 12 page first aid guide.

What I really like about this kit in particular is that it’s super organized and easy to carry.It features a roll out design and includes just about everything you can think of without being overly bulky and is also registered with the FDA.

If you’re looking for a kit to prepare for the unexpected minor emergencies I would highly recommend this kit.

 Even with all the items included there is still enough room to personalize it  for your families needs.

I  like to include a few over the counter packets of medications such as pain reliever, and antihistamine.  

You can find out more or how to order the Patch Up Kit here


patch up kit 1

patch up kit 2

patch up kit 3

Disclosure: I did receive this item for review purposes however all opinions are my own.


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