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What’s Up at Home?

Finding Dory….Sorta

This past weekend we took the kids to see Finding Dory. I had originally planned on just taking my 5-year-old on a mommy and me one on one date since my other two daughters are still too young. However, she remembered going to the drive-in last year and suggested we all go to the drive-in. I checked, and it was playing, so we drove about an hour away. 

 I actually love the Drive-In. It has such a nostalgic feel, not to mention it’s cheaper, and you can bring your own snacks!  Some people even bring their own barbecue grills. The kids all have fun on the playground, and everyone brings their lawn chairs. It feels more like a big get together!

We got there a couple of hours early, and the movie didn’t start until 9 pm. Which, is already past their bedtimes, but I figured if they got tired they could always go to sleep and we brought pillows and blankets.

Well, they played on the playground and by the time the movie started the youngest two were super cranky. We ended up not seeing the whole movie and leaving early.  For their sakes and the other people at the movie, I decided it was best just to get everyone home and comfortable in their own beds.

 From what I did see it was a super cute movie and we will definitely buy it once it’s out on DVD!


Here are a few pics I got of the kids on the playground before the movie started.





Elly was a little shy at first clinging to daddy but then had fun on the playground.




Avery Rose. Her first time on a swing! She loved it!


Averys feet

 I couldn’t resist taking a pic of these cute baby feet!



 I also can’t go without mentioning,  my oldest son! He just got back from Atlanta with a few of his classmates for the week. They qualified to go to Nationals for Future Business Leaders of America.

They didn’t take home a trophy, but he had a great time, and I am super proud of him! He will also be Senior Class President when the school year starts. These are just a few of his many many accomplishments, and I’m sure even more to come!

I don’t blog about him much because well, he’s a teenager and I try to respect his privacy to some degree…but I had to share a proud mom moment. 🙂



What’s Up on the Blog?

Lots of projects!

I’ve honestly been working on lots of issues behind the scenes on the blog. Okay…I’ll admit it, I’ve also been getting a little sidetracked.

You know how sometimes when you see one thing you want to change, and then notice something else, and before you know it you are totally redoing everything, and you’ve got stuff going on everywhere?

Believe it or not, I consider this part of the ‘so called’ break I was taking. I’m notorious for starting way to many things at once, because with kids and everything else I just don’t have enough going on without making more work for myself. 


I did, however, have some fun and, made a few cute printables including a blog stat sheet, a to-do list, and a contact page. I’m also working on several more. I made these originally to keep myself organized to put in a binder, but you can download them for free here if you’re interested. I will also try to post the others once they are all finished.


FREE Blog Organizing Printables (1)

Here’s a peek at the three I have ready so far. All available to print separately. So you can print one or all three.


Freebie for Subscribers

I also created a new freebie just for subscribers. It’s a list of over 20+ sites you can use to get items on Amazon for free or at a huge discount. 

Over the past year, I’ve reviewed many items on Amazon using these sites. Although I haven’t done many reviews on Amazon in the past 6 months because I have so many other things going on. You can really get some great deals from these sites, and all they ask is for an honest, unbiased review.

If you are a subscriber, you should be receiving your access code in an email from me tomorrow.

If you aren’t currently a subscriber and would like to receive access. You can sign up here. You can also sign up using the sign-up form located on the sidebar.


GIVEAWAY Coming Soon!

I also have a GIVEAWAY coming up that is an item geared for babies age 0-12 months. So if you’re a mom, dad, grandparent, have friends with babies, or a caregiver you will definitely want to enter. I will have more info about it the beginning of next week, so stay tuned!


Coming Soon

Also coming up on the blog soon… The Handy Box Subscription review, Tonttu a subscription box for mom’s and babies, an easy recipe, and more!


Hope you all have a great week!

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