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the handybox

The Handy Box is the first monthly subscription box designed for handy men and women and DIY’ers. Each month you will receive tools and other gadgets to help you complete projects around the home for $28.95 which includes shipping. You can also receive cheaper rates when you sign up for a recurring 3 or 6-month plan.


the handybox open

Everything arrived in a nice sturdy box and was organized. This month included

  • Telescope LED Light Retail: $19.99
  • Folding Camp Shovel 23″ (in the black pouch) Retail $10.99
  • 4 PC Mini Plier Set Retail $14.00
  • Pocket LED Light with Suction Grip Retail $6.99
  • Super Suction Hook Retail $4.99


4 PC Mini Plier Set

pliars 1

We actually used these the first day we received the box, and they worked great.

pliars 2

They also come in a convenient carrying case with a nice fold out design. I love this because we’ve had so many pliers in the past get thrown in the back of junk drawers and eventually end up getting lost. At least this way you can keep them all together!

pliars 3



Telescope LED Light


This LED light features a flex head that telescopes from 6.5″ to 21″ great for any project that requires extra light.

Pocket LED Light with Suction Grip

pocket led

This compact LED Light with suction grip fully rotates and features adjustable tips and zooming. Great to keep in the toolbox or even in the car for any unexpected emergencies you may have.


Super Suction Hook

suction hook

This super suction hook can go just about anywhere. I used it to hold my oldest daughter’s backpack on the back of the door, and it works great!

Folding Camp Shovel 23″

shovel 1

I seriously could not believe that this shovel was in that black bag pictured above! It’s super heavy duty and has a serrated edge for sawing firewood. This would be great for camping and super convenient with the carrying case.

shovel 2

It folds out to 23.”

shovel 3


Overall, I was super impressed with the quality, the curation, and the amount of items in the Handy Box. It included useful items that I think any handy person or diy’er would love. This would also make a great gift item!

You can find out more or how to order at

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