Mysteries in Time Subscription Box for kids + Discount

Mysteries in Time Ancient Egypt

Mysteries in Time is a fun new educational subscription box for kids ages 7-11. Each month brings history to life, and your child can follow along with two fictional characters Max and Katie as they embark on a new adventure through history.  Each month the contents come in a fun time machine box sent personalized to your child.

Mysteries in Time costs  £12.95 (+ shipping: £2.95 UK, £3.95 EU, £5.95 Worldwide) 

They also offer a Classic Pack

  • Classic Pack: this is the same as the box above, minus the craft and the collectible. It arrives in a large envelope (still designed to look like the time machine). This costs £7.95  (+ shipping: £0.95 UK, £1.95 EU, £2.95 Worldwide)

If you’re in the U.S., that equals to a little under $30 a month.

What’s Included

The first month’s box includes a free A1 size map with timeline.

Then each monthly box contains the following:


  • A Max & Katie story book (they travel back in time to solve a mystery)
  • Bookmark
  • A history booklet (the non-fiction part to complement the fictional Max & Katie story)
  • A timeline sticker
  • A quiz and puzzles
  • Colouring-in sheets & mini-colouring pencils
  • A craft with all materials included (first month: make a clay amulet)
  • Stickers
  • A collectible
  • And this all arrives in a personalized postal box designed to look like a time machine!

Ancient Egypt

This month the theme was Ancient Egypt and contained lots of fun items!

mysteries in time welcome

We received a welcome booklet that contained tips and learning ideas and also a really nice booklet that contained history and facts. The History book included tons of facts and a fun quiz, puzzle, and word search.


Egyptian book

Max and Katies Egyptian Adventure chapter book and bookmarks.


world map

We also received a huge world map which is included in all first orders.


mysteries in time stickers

Also included were fun stickers and hieroglyph chart to use with the quiz and puzzles.


mysteries in time coloring pages

The yellow craft bag contained air drying clay, a paintbrush, acrylic paint and gem stickers to make an amulet. We also received coloring sheets and a pack of colored pencils.


mysteries in time coloring

Here is one of the coloring pages my daughter did of Anubis. She put the cat sticker that was included at the bottom of the page. Even though we’ve never owned a cat, she has a fascination with them. 🙂



We received molding clay and paint to make our own amulets. My oldest daughter is 5, so I helped her with shaping the clay, but she painted it all by herself. We chose to create  the Ankh amulet which we learned means “life”


canopic jar

Canopic jar keepsake for this month.

My Thoughts?

This is one of the most nicely curated and well put together learning subscription boxes I’ve seen for kids! It is packed with items and enough items to keep your child engaged for hours while encouraging life-long learning.  I think this would be a great monthly box for any kid in the 7-11 year old range. My daughter is 5, so she’s a little under the target age for this box, but she still had lots of fun. She loved learning about Egypt and it was a great teaching tool.

Find out More & Subscribe

If you would like to find out more and subscribe for your little historian you can go to

You can also save 20% OFF your 1st month when you use the code SMR20 

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