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What’s Up At Home?

Back to School

Eeek!!! I can’t believe it’s already time again for back to school. We’ve been super busy this week just trying to get organized for the upcoming school year. I’ve been trying to get everyone into more of a schedule. 

My five year old who will be starting Kindergarten has always been a good sleeper but always has a hard time waking up. I normally let her sleep in a little unless we have something planned and she still normally takes naps. However, I’ve been trying to make her go to bed early and waking her up earlier in the morning..let’s just say it has not been easy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

 I also made a special drawer in the fridge for all her lunch stuff and designated a place for her backpack and other school related things. We already have the first day of school outfit laid out, and I hope to do this every night, so our mornings go a little easier.We also got to meet the teachers this week and take all our school supplies, so I think we are officially good to go. Well, she is…I can’t promise that I won’t cry just a little. They grow up so fast! 

My oldest goes to a different school and won’t be starting until a little later and will be a senior this year! So I will officially have a Kindergartner and a Senior. Man, this year is going to be tough! I could almost cry just thinking about it. They are both great kids though and make me super proud. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some ways you prepare for the kids going back to school?

What’s Up on the Blog?

Right Now there are two giveaways going on. The Back to School Giveaway which ends the 15th of this month and the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System which ends on the 19th of this month so be sure to enter if you haven’t already. There will also be a be a skincare item giveaway coming up within the next week or so that has a $248 value. So be sure to sign up to receive updates by email or follow along on Facebook, so you don’t miss out.

I’ve also been planning a few post for the Fall season and also have several recipes and subscription box reviews coming up. I looove Summer, but I also like Fall. I love the changing of the leaves, football, bonfires, and yummy recipes.

What are some of your favorite things about Fall?


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