Should You Take a Magnesium Supplement?


Should you take magnesium (2)


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What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a necessary macro-nutrient needed in the body and is important for bone structure and nerve support.


How can I get Magnesium?

You can find magnesium in legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, meats, chocolate, and coffee. You can also take Magnesium Supplements by mouth.


Should you take a Magnesium Supplement?

dr olivia magnesium

Magnesium levels are normally low particularly for women and low levels are also very common in African Americans and the elderly.

Magnesium supplements are also taken by some for ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, leg cramps at night, and also used by athletes for energy.


Dr. Olivia Naturals Magnesium Complex

Dr. Olivia Naturals Magnesium supplement is the one I’ve been taking for the past few weeks. It is actually a complex and contains not only Magnesium but also L-Theanine, Passionflower, and Valerian root for maximum support and relaxation. 

I have taken both Passionflower (in a drop formula) and Valerian root supplements in the past.  I used the passionflower drops when I was overly anxious as natural anxiety medication and the Valerian root as a natural sleep supplement at night. I go through several bouts of insomnia spells from time to time and the Valerian root really seems to help. 


Dr Olivia Magnesium


I like that the Dr. Olivia Naturals contains Magnesium glycinate which is the purest form and improves bowel tolerance and absorption. Her formula with L-Theanine, Passionflower, and Valerian root also work to combat stress and the stress effects on the bones, muscles, and nerves. 

It is suggested to take one capsule in the morning and two at night. They come in easy to swallow capsules and I haven’t noticed any bitter after taste. Taking the two at night, I’ve also noticed a more relaxed feel and I’m able to unwind better at night.  I also don’t have a groggy feeling when I wake up.

If you’re looking for a Magnesium supplement I would highly suggest the Magnesium Glycinate Complex from Dr. Olivia. 

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Disclaimer: Before taking any supplement you should consult with your physician.

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