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Candy Club

I love Candy Club! You can read my original Candy Club Review here. I love Candy Club even more now that they offer a pick your own candy option! In addition to taking a survey and being sent a monthly curated box based on your answers, you can now pick your own candy!

* You can read my original Candy Club Review here
June 2016 PNGs

I recently had the opportunity to try the new pick your own option. I have to admit, it was still hard to choose! They have classics to choose from, sweet candy, sour and even unusual candy.

Here’s what I picked out

candy club pick your own 2

Vidal Cherry Chicken Feet, Sweet’s Nummy Cubbies Fruit Snacks, Dorval Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candies


honey candy

They also sent Primrose Assorted Honey Filled Candies 


Vidal Cherry Chicken Feet

vidal cherry chicken feet

Okay, so I mostly chose these out of curiosity, that and I like the taste of chewy fruit candy. They have a great flavor and are easy to chew without sticking to your teeth. These were my oldest daughters favorite!


Dorval Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candies

Dorval Rademaker

Oh my! As a huge coffee lover, I had to pick these. They are a hard type of  candy and have a light coffee taste with caramel. They are  known as a Dutch sweet that originated in the 18th century and also known as “lumps of coffee”. These were my favorite!


Sweet’s Nummy Cubbies Fruit Snacks

Sweets Nummy Cubbies

These look like your traditional gummy bears, but they are actually made with real fruit juice. They come in Cherry, lemon, orange, sour apple, and grape.  The kids loved these.


My Thoughts?

Overall, I like the custom box where you can choose your own candy. If your one of those people that likes to be surprised, you can also still receive the curated monthly version.

To find out more about Candy Club or to order your own custom or curated box you can go to 

You can also receive $20 Off your first box when you use my link here.


 June 2016 PNGs

Have you tried Candy Club? What candies did you choose?

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