How to Make the Perfect DIY Candy Buffet


DIY Candy Buffet

*This is a guest post written by Wendy Dessler

Today guest post editor, Wendy, is sharing how to set up a DIY Candy Buffet. Read below to find  just how easy it can be with these great tips from Wendy!

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Step-By-Step Candy Buffet Setup Made Easy


Candy buffets are an amazing party trend that seems to be growing by the minute. If you are planning to design one for the very first time, you most likely have many questions.


It’s never easy figuring out how to design one if you’ve never done so at any point in your life. How much candy do you need? Where do I go to find the least expensive candy? We’ll do our best to answer these questions and more as we explain the step-by-step process.


6 Candy Buffet Setup Steps to Live By

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  • Step #1: Picking your theme and colors – designing DIY candy buffets for every party is all the rage right now. Traditional party favors are going by the wayside and candy buffets are taking their place. When choosing a theme for your party, the first thing you need to do is decide on the printables and pick them first. Because once you have a printable collection chosen, all other questions can be answered now that you’ve established the color palette.
  • Step #2: Choosing the ideal candy types – at this point, you need to seriously start thinking about the candy that you’ll put on display in your candy buffet. Pick candy that matches the color palette established in step 1. You can buy individually wrapped candy, bulk loose candy, display candy, and designer candy. You can buy all of this candy in a local candy shop, or visit our favorite candy website online at and take advantage of their excellent prices.
  • Step #3:  Zone table setup – when setting up your tables for the candy buffet, it’s best to set them up in three separate zones. It makes sense to set up your tables quickly to discover exactly how much room you have available to work with. You need to know prior to ordering the candy, so keep that in mind. As you divide up your tables, set up three horizontal zones. And most important, choose containers (make sure they’re see-through) that are appropriate for the tables you’ve chosen.
  • Step #4: Discovering the amount of candy you’ll need for the candy buffet – this might seem like the most difficult part of the process, but believe it or not, it’s much easier than you think. It’s highly recommended among candy experts that you set aside 8 ounces of candy per guest. So, 1 pound of candy is capable of the filling the needs of two guests. If you have 25 guests coming to your gathering, you’ll need to buy 12.5 pounds of candy in order to accommodate everyone. Always remember to buy candy in bulk if you plan to get the best available bargain.
  • Step #5: Adding the tablecloth, centerpiece, and backdrop – since you are creating this beautiful candy buffet, you obviously want to have a major impact on your guests. It has to possess a serious wow factor! Your guests are going to immediately notice the centerpiece, tablecloth, and backdrop. For the tablecloth, make sure it really turns heads. The matching backdrop should not only be easy to set up, it also has to be attractive and fit perfectly with your theme. And the centerpiece is what brings it all together. So either buy or create a centerpiece that no one will ever forget.
  • Step #6: Adding the finishing touches – if you are happy with your centerpiece, you can obviously skip this step. If you aren’t satisfied, feel free to add themed printables, bling, bows and ribbons, and even add candy decorations to give it that extra special something that seems to be missing.




Do you see how easy it is to create a candy buffet? Follow our step-by-step instructions and your guests will be impressed from the moment they walk in the door.

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