Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss



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Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss

If you’ve read any of my other posts, then you know I’m a huge fan of Madison Reed  hair color. As a former Cosmetologist, I really appreciate a good salon color job. However, as a busy mom of 4 I hardly ever make time for myself to get my hair done professionally. In the past, I have just bought the supplies at the beauty supply, or  gasp… even at the local box store. 


madison reed color reviving gloss box

 What I really like about Madison Reed  is you can get professional results conveniently delivered to your home.  They even have professional colorist you can call or email for  questions and they can even help you pick out  the perfect color. You can read my other post below if you’re interested about the color, but today I’m talking about the color reviving gloss.

Madison Reed Color

Madison Reed Update


madison reed color reviving gloss

The Color Reviving Gloss is just an extra way to give your color a little boost,add shine, and keep your hair looking fresh.

My hair naturally has red tones.  No matter what I do, several weeks after coloring my hair, it gets this weird orange tint to it and looks a little brassy. So, I decided to try the color reviving gloss in Crema, which is a cool violet tone meant to neutralize the brassiness.


Madison Reed


It’s super easy to use

  1. Apply to dry hair
  2. Wait 25-35 minutes and wash out for a sheer tint 

Each tube includes enough for two uses and they recommend to use it every 2-4 weeks.

Note: The before and after pics below were taken 1 day apart around the same time of day in the same part of my house. (I would have preferred to take the pictures outside in natural daylight but the first day it was raining)


madison reed before gloss

This is the before pic. Please excuse the wind blown look. I really did brush my hair that day. 😉 I’m also still desperately in need of a trim and really need to work that in soon! Like I said my hair gets this weird orange tint to it, but the lighting in my house definitely doesn’t help the cause.


madison reed after gloss


In my opinion, the Color Reviving Gloss definitely made my hair shinier and a little healthier looking.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my results with the Color Reviving Gloss. Now I just need to make time to get in for a trim, or maybe a full new haircut!

Have you tried any of the Madison Reed Products? I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you order now through Sept.18th 2016 you can also receive  Free professional hair clips when you purchase hair color with code FALLHAIRCLIPS



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