How to Make a Harvest Wreath for Under $15


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 What better way to welcome fall than creating a harvest wreath for your front door. I love decorating for  the different seasons. What I don’t love is spending a ton of money on items that will only be out for a month or two. 

This Harvest Wreath can be made for around $15 and you can find most of the items at Dollar Tree

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 14″ Metal Wreath Form
  • 1 Package of 45-ct. Chenille Stems
  • 4 Deco Mesh Rolls (1 Roll of Each Harvest Color)
  • 2 Packs of 2-ct. Scarecrow Picks
  • 1 Pack of 12-ct. Glitter Maple Leaves
  • 1 Pack of 50-ct. Maple Leaves
  • 2 Packs of 5-ct. Glitter Mini Gourds
  • 1 Bottle of Craft Glue

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut 12 chenille stems in half. Attach stems to metal wreath form at the 24 points (where the wire crosses in a T or an X) by twisting it around the metal. Twist twice to secure.
  2. Unwind first deco mesh roll and create a 3″-loop at the end of the roll.
  3. Secure loop to wreath form by twisting a chenille stem around the loop twice.
  4. Gather an 8″ length of mesh, bunch, and secure around the form using the next closest chenille stem, repeating until reaching the end of the roll.
  5. Create a loop at the end of the roll and secure by twisting a chenille stem around the loop twice.
  6. Repeat with the next 3 rolls of mesh, alternating the chenille stems used to secure the mesh.
  7. Add Scarecrow Picks and Glitter Maple Leaves at regular intervals around the wreath.
  8. Using craft glue, create three beds of Maple Leaves in a 4-5″ circle and allow glue to dry.
  9. Attach Glitter Mini Gourds to the center of the leaf nests and allow the glue to dry.
  10. Glue leaf nests with mini gourds to the main wreath.
  11. Display the finished wreath on the door of your home, school, or office to encourage fall fun!

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