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It’s hard to believe it’s almost that time again; I don’t know about you guys, but I dread cold and flu season! 

I worry about it even more now that my oldest daughter just started Kindergarten and is exposed to more.  In the past, even small colds have turned into asthma problems for her. Not only that, but I also worry about her bringing colds and other viruses home to her little sisters.  

It’s almost inevitable that one, if not all of us, will at least get some sort of cold during the next few months, but I’m going to try to do all I can to at least lessen the chance.   

Today I thought I would share some of the ways we plan on staying healthy and share five products from The Honest Company to help you stay healthy.  

One thing I really love about The Honest Company is their commitment to transparency, Which you can see depicted in the image below. All of The Honest Company products are non-toxic and eco-friendly.


This image was made in conjunction with  LA ad agency Zambezi to showcase awareness of The Honest Companys, non-toxic, eco-friendly products. The Los Angeles advertising agency works to create meaningful stories and has also worked with several other companies such as Vitamin Water, and Auto Trader and have award winning experience.


A Few Tips To Stay Healthy 

  1. Take a multivitamin

  2. Wash hands frequently

  3. Sanitize and disinfect frequently

  4. Eat regular healthy meals

  5. Get enough sleep

  6. Take probiotics and other immune boosters

  7. Decrease stress when possible

These are just a few of the ways we plan to stay healthy. Most of these we already do, but I can always work on getting more sleep!


5 Honest Company Products to Help You Stay Well


The Honest Company Women’s Complete Once Daily contains 25 key nutrients designed specifically for women and features an easy to swallow coating.

This gentle hand soap cleanses without all the harsh ingredients found in some other soap.


iconWith little ones in the house, I’m constantly cleaning up messes, between spilled sippy cups, to tiny fingerprints all over everything. Okay, and the occasional spilled coffee and other messes made by myself. 

This multi-surface cleaner works on just about anything. You can use it on toys, kitchen counters, high chairs, painted surfaces, granite, wood floors and more.  It has a fresh scent of grapefruit oil and even repels dust with citrus oils.


iconI absolutely love the smell of Lavender! I consider this candle a necessity because Lavender is known for it’s relaxing properties and definitely helps decrease my stress level. People with decreased stress levels tend to get sick a lot less than those with higher stress levels.

Honest Company also offers two other scents;  Gardenia Jasmine, and Orange Cypress. They are made with soy wax and essential oils, and you can even reuse the 8 oz tumbler when you’re done burning the candle.


iconThese gummy multi-vitamins come in Strawberry, Orange, Tropical Punch and other natural flavors. A great way to get the kiddos to take their vitamins!


Save Money with Bundles & Free Trials!


You can also save money and receive the Health & Wellness Bundle or an Essentials Bundle for only $35.95 a month delivered conveniently to your door.

 You can also receive a Free Trial Essentials Bundle  (only pay $5.95 shipping) which is a great way to try some of their popular products.

The Essential Free Trial Includes


iconThese are just a few of the products Honest Company has to keep you healthy. If you would like to purchase any of The Honest Company products you can receive $10 off a minimum purchase of $25 with promo code GET10 at checkout (first time customers only, may only be used once per new user)

What are some of the ways you plan to stay healthy this cold and flu season? 
The Honest Company

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