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Fruit for Thought

Fruit for Thought is a monthly subscription that features a new fruit theme every month. It includes 6-8 gifts that may include home accessories, artisan products, and food related items to the theme for the month for $39.99. You can also choose a mini version that includes 4-5 items for $26.99 a month.


October’s Theme – Peanut Butter Banana


Elephant Heating Pad


I have a few heating packs I use, but none as cute as this one!

I have used this several times this past week for neck and shoulder pain. I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and it worked great!


Banana Bread Candle


This Banana Bread candle smells delicious! It really does smell just like fresh banana bread, and I’ve been burning it in my kitchen for the past few days.


Fisk and Fern Peanut Butter and Jelly Card


This cute card made by Fisk and Fern is perfect to give to a special someone.


Banana Sink Strainer


To be honest, I’ve never thought of a decorative strainer, but this is really cute with the banana on top!


Banana Pudding Pretzels


This was the first item I opened after taking the picture, and between my daughters and I, they were gone in about 5 seconds. They are the perfect blend of salty and sweet and we loved them!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge O’s YUM!


This is another item that was included that was delicious. It has a peanut butter type cookie in the middle and is surrounded by classic fudge. Yum-O!


Banana Slicer


This is something I didn’t think I would use much, but my oldest daughter loves bananas and I pack one in her school lunch several times a week. She’s enjoyed being able to slice her own banana with this and thought it was fun.


Banana Pen


This is another item that my daughter was quick to take for herself. I thought it was cute and fun and fit in perfect with the overall.


The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam


This jam contains sugar-coated bananas, rum and a dash of lime. So far I’ve tried it on toast, and it was really good. I bet it would also be good on a peanut butter sandwich!


Banana Laffy Taffy


The Banana Laffy Taffy were extra items in the box that tied in with the whole theme.  I was super excited to see these in the box, and they brought back great memories! 

When my mom was living banana Laffy Taffy was her absolute favorite. I haven’t had any in years, and just eating them definitely brought back great memories of her!


Overall, I thought this was a great box and curated very nicely. I loved how most of the items came from independent Etsy sellers and were unique but useful items.

If you would like to try Fruit for Thought subscription, you can go to 

Use the Code: SIMPLE10 for 10% Off Your First Box!

Hint: The Theme for November is Cucumber Melon 🙂




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