Hotel Or Self-Catering – Which Works Best For The Kids?



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When you’re taking a vacation or just enjoying some travel with the kids, you need to where you’ll be sleeping each night. While some kids may be happy to rough it for the sake of adventure, it simply doesn’t work for others. Planning your itinerary carefully may take the freedom out of traveling, but it ensures you know what to expect. Most of us choose between a hotel or self-catering accommodation, but which is really best for the kids?




The budget you have set yourself may rule out one or the other. However, many people believe self-catering accommodation to be cheaper. This isn’t always true. It will depend on the facilities you’re getting. You wouldn’t expect a five-star hotel to cost less than a three star. And a villa with panoramic views and a pool will cost you more than a studio apartment on the outskirts of town. The kids will be happy with a bed and a warm shower. The extras could be just the thing that makes the vacation perfect!




Your accommodation choices may be limited by the vacation destination. You can go online to get vacation home rental options. For city breaks, this can put you in the heart of things without the hassle of hotel check-ins. Hotels are usually the best choices when you’re hoping to make use of a resort or large theme park. The hotel is often part of the package when you book, and will often be of a very high standard. This could be perfect when you want to give the older kids a little more independence.







Hotels are everywhere. They may be at the airport, in the city center, or in the middle of a fabulous beach spa resort. But if you want to enjoy the countryside or the wilderness, this type of accommodation may defeat the point of the vacation. Camping under canvas or in a log cabin could be perfect for the kind of activities you want to do. And if you’re a fan of the water, you might even book a week on board a yacht.


Special Needs


There are lots of really good family rooms in many hotels these days. You may want comfortable, hygienic cots, and easy bathing options. They are quite essential when you have very small children and babies. Many families with tiny tots choose to stay in self-catering accommodation for the freedom it offers. You can make the meals you know they will eat. You can store milk and other essentials in the fridge without worry. And you can wash everything up properly. Best of all, you have the privacy to care for your children at times to suit you.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Every hotel or apartment you choose is different, and your experience may influence that too. There are plenty of things to consider so doing your research is a good idea when you’re traveling with the kids. Will you just need a place to rest your heads overnight, or is the accommodation a big part of the vacation fun?


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