Transform Your Home Into A Soothing Sanctuary

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No matter what happens in the office or out on the street, your home should make you feel safe, happy and relaxed. Your kids should always feel that their home is secure and loving without any of the stress of the big wide world on the doorstep. But this isn’t always easy to do. Running a busy household can be quite stressful in itself. So how can you transform your home into a soothing sanctuary?


You might want to start with the decor. Vibrant colors are fun and energetic for a young family. But they do little to relax the heart and soul! Rather than muting every wall in the house, why not pick one or two rooms that are quiet rooms. You can then use a color palette to help create that calm you’re looking for. Pastels in greens, yellows, and blues are ideal. This might be your bedroom, the bathroom, or the dining room.


When you’re considering the decor, think about the textures of the fabrics in the room too. You might have soft, flowing curtains, fluffy cushions, and smooth pebbles. Each of these textures can be very tactile in a calming way. Soft is also comforting so add a throw, a rug, and a runner for your sideboard. Scented candles could help soften the light in the room too. Do you have dimmer switches? Try using them to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the room each evening. Fairy lights cascading down the wall can also help you feel soothed.



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Your furniture could play a part in providing you with the relaxation you’re looking for. Why not try a recliner so you can put your feet up at the end of a long day? Or maybe you fancy a pair of Shiatsu Chairs so you and your family can enjoy a wonderful massage whenever you need one? This can help relieve tense muscles, offering relaxation. Picking furniture that helps you organize your space and belongings can help too. A good declutter works wonders to relieve stress!




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Many of us retreat to the bathroom when we need a time out from the stress of the day. Soaking in the tub with scented oils and candles can be deeply relaxing. You can make the experience even more soothing with soft meditative music playing. A whirlpool or spa bath could help your soak become more of a massage too. Use soft, high count towels to wrap up in when you’re finished.



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Color therapy might also offer you some sense of calm. It is thought that surrounding yourself with lights of different colors could enhance your mood. You can visit a specialist or purchase a special lighting system that can help you pick the right color to suit you. Warmer tones might refresh and invigorate you. Cooler colors could help soothe you.


Just one or two of these ideas could transform your home. If you’re looking to enhance the atmosphere and lift the mood of a room try a color change and some softer lighting. If you’re after a sanctuary where you can soak your worries away, why not treat yourself to a new bathroom, complete with whirlpool tub? Which room offers the most relaxation in your house?


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