Add A Bit Of Luxury To His Christmas With Stylish Gift Ideas

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Men are known for being notoriously difficult to buy for at Christmas. But it’s really not that hard if you think stylish, luxurious and special. Yes, they are not lured in the same way as us women by sparkly things and super high heels. But they do have an Achilles heel. Whether it’s exotic cologne or a luxury sweater, men like to look and feel good just as much as


we do. So let’s tap into that when we look at the kind of gifts you should be buying the men in your life this Christmas. And then all that’s left to do is point in him the right direction for the perfect Christmas gifts for you!  


Whether its refined minimalism or stylish and arty, a beautiful bottle of cologne will look great on his bedside cabinet. And knowing it is a scent you have carefully chosen will make it even more special. Before selecting cologne make sure to find out what kind of notes he likes. For example, does he like fruity, fresh, zesty, woody, musky, spicy or oriental? Here is a list of the best smelling cologne for men to give you a head start. Another great idea for a pampering gift is to buy him is a voucher for a luxury spa. A facial, shave, massage or manicure might just be the thing to refresh and revive him in the New Year.


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If you have a fair idea of your man’s taste and style buying a piece of contemporary art as a Christmas gift is a super stylish way to show some thought. If you can’t afford to buy an original piece, you may want to consider buying a limited edition piece instead. These come with the correct documentation so you can be sure of the investment you are making. Think about what he would like. A painting or photography? Landscape or figurative? Cool and quirky or sleek and stylish? Think about the colors he likes and also the kind of space it will be going in, so you can choose a good size.

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Monogram Magic

A little bit of subtle monogram looks quite stylish, and it’s been bang on trend for the last few years again. Brands such as Louis Vuitton offer monogram options on many of their accessories. From the more affordable keyrings to medium range leather wallets and then further up the price range to bags and luxury luggage. Super stylish British brand Smythson offers beautiful monogrammed diaries and notebooks. And they also ship internationally. Just be sure to get your order in soon if you want something for a Christmas gift!


Give him a slice of sartorial heaven by wrapping up a beautiful cashmere jumper. Impeccable design, high-quality material, and a stylish color will earn you brownie points. Dark or slate gray and rich caramels or cool camels look great in cashmere. We now jumpers may be a bit of a cliché, but designer cashmere is no joke! And it’s also a timeless classic and investment, which with proper care, will last for years to come. You may be able to get to borrow it too!   

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