Gadgets With A Purpose: Flashy But Practical Pieces Your Family Needs




It can sometimes seem as though the world is split into gadget junkies and Luddites. But in reality, it’s not that simple. After all, many of us could probably have a good laugh at one parent or another who isn’t skilled with modern tech. Yet they can often cook Christmas dinner, with all the different methods of cooking that takes, on a single cooker. And believe me, that takes skills.

Yes, there are technological wizards. And there are people who are completely tech illiterate. But there is a third group, and it’s possibly the largest of them all. It’s the people who don’t seek out tech just because it’s modern or exciting, or avoid it for the same reasons. This third group is the practical one, who will go for a modern, innovative gadget when they can see how it will make life simpler. Let’s call them tech pragmatists.

And if you are pragmatic when it comes to tech and innovation, it means you are selective. You won’t just buy the latest gadget. You’ll research what you do buy, and make sure there’s a purpose to your purchase.

  1. A Smart Home Security System

Gadgets have gained something of a reputation for being overly flashy solutions to questions no-one has asked. A doorbell that you can program to play any song? What was wrong with “ding-dong”? But everyone can agree that home security is something to take seriously.

And the march of technology has made it easier to do it well. By making use of WiFi and web connectivity, the newest home security systems can be highly customized. They’re better at identifying risks and can update you wherever you are in the world. And unlike older burglar alarms, they’re easy to operate without giving potential intruders clues on how to disable them.

  1. An Automated HVAC System

We’ve all been in the situation where we’re lying in bed and the alarm goes, and we know how cold it is out there. As soon as we step out of bed, we’ll be frozen. See also: coming home from work to a house that’s been empty all day.

Waiting for the heating to warm up focuses our mind on just how cold we are. But with WiFi thermostats, you can control from anywhere the system that heats, cools or dehumidifies the house. It saves you money by learning when you’re around and when you’re not, and heating the house at the right time.

  1. A Clever Doorbell

Although it may sound gimmicky, we’re not talking about a doorbell that plays Star Spangled Banner here. The new generation of smart doorbells come with cameras installed. This allows you to check and see who has rung before answering.

They also store footage so, if someone rings while you’re out, you’ll know. A delivery company claiming they tried to deliver and you know they didn’t? Now you have proof. And if someone keeps ringing your doorbell late at night, you’ll know who it is – making it easier to find out why.

Sure, gimmick technology can be fun sometimes. It’s often worth dropping a few dollars on a keyring that glows in the dark or a pen that writes on any surface. But the latest in-home tech is more than just cool. It can make a big difference in so many ways, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

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