Show Them The Way! How Your Kid’s Personality Could Become A Career

When you were a kid, what did your parents want you to grow up to be? Not “what did you want to be” – we all want weird things when we’re about six. If everyone at that age went on to become what they wanted, we’d have more train drivers than we could accommodate. There’d be so many singers the Grammys would take a month. The NFL would need to expand beyond the current 32 teams, to about six thousand.

No, what did your parents want you to be? Because that’s what you’re more likely to become. The older we get, the more pragmatism sets in, so by the time you’re out of college, your sights have changed. Unless you are indeed a platinum-selling singer or a wide receiver. In which case, I’m honored and can I have your autograph?

When we have kids, our concerns for them could fill a book. Our hopes for them, meanwhile, are generally simple. We want them to be happy, healthy and safe. We want them to find a career that they can enjoy and that makes them secure. And while we can’t make them into a sports star or a singer, we can encourage them in the direction their talents, and enthusiasm, point.

Your Child… Has A Taste For Fashion


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As kids, we tend to like bright colors and clothes that stand out. The uniform that we are wrestled into for school, and the good clothes we wear to go and see family, bore us somewhat. But this passion for the visual can be turned towards a career. If your daughter is always drawing clothes they’d like to wear, teach them to sew. A little girl sewing machine can be a gift that gives life to their dreams of fashion design.

Your Child… Does A Lot Of Quiet Thinking


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If you were a quiet child, you probably got used to people commenting on it. Some of us just don’t like to make much noise, preferring to sit and think about things. As we get older, we then tend to show logical and problem-solving skills.

If this is your kid, then take a quiet moment and ask them what they dream of. If they’re focused on numbers, accountancy could be for them. If they’re more into “things”, they might like architecture or engineering. If it’s words, then writing could work for them. Help them to hone these passions.

Your Child… Is The One Who Breaks Up Fights


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Children are always doing something, making noise or exploring. And this perpetual motion sometimes ends in a full and frank exchange of views. And sometimes, kicks. If your child isn’t one who instigates, but is more likely to try to calm things down, then you have a little arbitrator on your hands. It could be that their skills are perfectly suited to the law. Speak to them about why they break fights up. We need more calm heads in this world.

Of course, setting out a career for your kids at a young age is not something you can do with total seriousness. The you of twenty years ago is not the you of now. It’ll be the same for them – but our characters are already beginning to flower from a young age, and it doesn’t hurt to help them along.

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