Festive Family Fun: Your Guide To The Perfect Holiday Season

The holiday season is very quickly creeping up on us. Your family summer vacation seems so long ago, and 2016 is flying by. The highlight of everyone’s holiday season has to be Christmas. It’s a time for love and joy and spending quality time with your family.

That’s what the focus of this post is all about, family! I want to give you a few tips to help you have the perfect holiday season. It’s all about finding ways to have festive fun with your family. Feel free to check out my ideas:


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Festive Days Out

One of the joys of the festive season is that everywhere seems to transform. Snow comes down, and it turns cities and towns into winter wonderlands. Also, you get your fair share of festive themed things happening too. Little pop-up shops and market stalls start to appear. In some places, ice rinks are constructed, and mini theme parks turn up. All of this leads to the possibility of so much festive fun for you and the family. So, what are you waiting for? Get out of the house and enjoy all the festive action.

I think going for festive days out is a wonderful idea. Especially when it gets really close to Christmas. Going out together can set the mood and get your family in the festive spirit. Even older kids like enjoying the Christmas markets and ice rinks. Just picture you and the family, all wrapped up warm in your winter clothing, having fun all day long. You don’t even have to go to any of these festive themed events. Instead, you can head out in the snow and make the most of it. Have family snowball fights and snowman building competitions. Get some sleds out and go sledding down hills. The best thing about festive days out is that coming home feels amazing. You step into the warmth of your home, make everyone some hot drinks, and sit together in the cozy living room. It truly brings your family closer and helps get more joy out of the festive season.


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Decorating The Christmas Tree

Some may think that decorating the Christmas tree is a generic festive task. However, I see it as the perfect time to elicit some family fun. While the kids are at school, that’s when you get the tree ready for decoration. If you’re using a real tree, go out and pick it up, then get it into your living room. If you’re using a fake tree, then start putting it together, so it’s ready when they arrive home. Get all your decorations out and ready to be put on your tree. Now and then, I like adding new decorations to our tree every year. If just gives it a new lease of life and you don’t end up with a tree that looks the same in photos every year. There are plenty of places like Fun Christmas Ornaments that sell cool things to hang on your tree. I’m also a huge fan of making my own decorations too. In fact, that’s another way you can make decorating the tree fun for the family. Get your kids involved when they’re home, and they can make their own DIY Christmas decorations!

Once the preparation is complete, it’s time to play the waiting game. Wait until it’s hometime, then pick the kids up from school. Don’t say anything about the tree, you want it to be a surprise. They’ll run into the house and probably head straight for the living room to watch TV. Now, you’ll start hearing shrieks of joy. They’ll be jumping around so excited as the see the Christmas tree. To add to their excitement, you reveal that you’re going to decorate the tree together. But, there’s one big rule they have to follow. They must make the tree look neat and tidy, or they won’t get a special Christmas surprise treat. Naturally, this treat will probably be something sweet. Maybe a nice gingerbread cookie or a Christmas chocolate? Now, all you have to do is decorate the tree with your kids and play some festive tunes to set the mood. A great way to make a monotone task more enjoyable for the family.


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Festive Family Games

I love playing games with my family at Christmas. It’s so much fun and is a highlight of the holiday season. These days, there are so many amazing games out there that you can play at this time of year. Some are Christmas themed, others are just classic games. For me, this is the time of year to bring out some classic family board games like Monopoly. Throughout the year, you rarely get a chance to sit as a family and play games. But, when Christmas comes around, it’s a different story! Everyone is eager to play, and finish the holiday season as the board game champ! The more players, the better. Try and get some extended family round your house if you have space. Have a massive game of something, and it will be the most fun you have all year as a family.

Also, think about coming up with your own festive family games. There are so many ideas here, particularly for young children. My favorite is to have a Christmas treasure hunt. This is where you hide things around the house, and your kids have to find them. I like doing this but using my Christmas tree. You can get yummy edible decorations that can be hidden all over your tree. Then, your kids have the task of finding them! Great fun and they’ll definitely enjoy it. Also, the treasure hunt idea is great for Christmas day too. Hide your children’s main presents around the house. They’ll open all the presents under the tree, and think everything is over. Then, you reveal they have one secret present hiding somewhere. So, the hunt begins, and everyone gets excited!

If you like these ideas, then add them to your Christmas schedule. It’s never too early to start planning the festive family fun! Make this year the best holiday season ever.

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