Cozy Is The New Cool This Winter

As the nights draw in and the temperature dips below a comfortable heat, it’s time to start looking at ways for you and the family to stay warm and cozy. Winter has so much to offer and a night staying in the warm can be really lovely. It’s the perfect time to enjoy hibernating!


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Embrace warm drinks

Of course, coffee first thing in the morning is a must whatever the season but now the weather has cooled you can try out an array of other drinks! There is so many teas on the market and they all have different benefits. To soothe a bloated stomach after a heavy winter meal you should try peppermint tea. To help you sleep at night you should look to chamomile. If you have a sweet tooth then now is the time to test out as many versions of hot chocolate as possible. Add marshmallows to give the kids an extra special treat!

Adjust your lighting

Whether you like candles in the evening or a lantern to brighten up a darker morning, good lighting is essential in winter. The last thing you want to do is come home to cold, harsh bright lights. A dimmer switch instead of your main light switch could make all of the difference. Also, think about the color of the light bulbs you use; you might want to swap out a harsh wattage for soft and gentle colors. A cute lighting lantern will certainly bring a warm essence to any room.

Pay attention to your heating

The last thing you want in the winter is for your heating to break down. A poor heating system just won’t do and it will almost certainly make everyone in the house miserable. Trusted experts such as KMA Home Services will be happy to see to your every heating need and prepare you for every eventuality. If you keep your heating healthy, everyone else will stay healthy too.

Keep blankets nearby

When you visit Scandinavian countries you’ll notice that even in restaurants they keep blankets close. This ensures that no one gets too cold and they can wrap up if they need to pop outside for any reason. A great idea is to invest in a basket to keep a selection of gorgeous, soft blankets in. This means when the darkness does descend it won’t take a minute before the entire family is all toasty and warm. It’s also sure to impress any guests too!

Have fun with wooly accessories

Winter just isn’t winter without a fun pair of slippers to wander around in. Purchase some fun style for the kids and they’ll be sure to love wearing them! And don’t forget to treat yourself to a new hat, scarf and glove set too. A little winter cheer can truly go a long way and a good quality scarf will last you for at least a couple of winters.

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