Winter-Proofing Your House In Nine Easy Steps

Everyone’s looking for ways to get through the winter. Winter is often a rough time of year with the dark evenings and the unsociable temperatures, even if you do have Christmas to look forward to! One thing that will make the wintertime considerably easier is returning to a warm, cozy house at the end of each day. Here are some tips to help you make your home a haven away from winter winds.


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Perform Routine Maintenance Checks

Go around your home at the end of fall to make sure that everything is prepared for the coming winter months. You don’t want to have to be outside during the winter weather performing tasks that you could have done when it was warmer. Bleed your radiators to make sure they’ll do the best possible job of keeping you warm during the winter months.

Inspect Your Roof

If you have cracked tiles or if any are missing, this could potentially let rainwater or melted snow into your home, which can cause damp, so make sure you take a look at it. If you can’t see the roof from the ground, arrange for a professional to inspect it for you.

Clear Out Your Gutters

This isn’t a pleasant thing to do, but you need to make sure that your guttering is free of debris like leaves that could quickly clog it. This could in turn lead to damp and water damage.

Insulate Your Loft And Walls

Experts believe that half the heat in a home is lost through poorly insulated walls and the loft. If your home is properly insulated, it will keep the heat in better, so your bills will be lower and you’ll conserve energy. Make sure your insulation is up to standard.


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Check Your Windows And Doors

It’s very easy for cold draughts to be let in through gaps around your door and windows. You can use insulating strips to seal up these gaps and cover up your letterbox and cat flap. If your door is the main problem, invest in a draught excluder or make your own.

Use Your Dehumidifier Year Round

A lot of people believe that you only need to use your dehumidifiers in warm weather but this isn’t the case. Switch it on in the winter too to remove condensation from rooms that could lead to damp and, in the future, rot. Make sure you invest in the right dehumidifier for you – there’s plenty of useful info online so you can find the best one..

Insulate Your Pipes

Keep your pipes warm and stop them freezing and potentially bursting by wrapping them up with lagging. The pipes outside and in your garage are at particular risk.


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Sweep Your Chimney

Chimney fires can be expensive and dangerous so make sure your chimney has been swept so you can have a safe real fire. If you don’t use your chimney, fit a chimney balloon to stop draughts.

Service Your Boiler

Make sure your boiler has been serviced – there’s nothing worse than no hot water in the middle of winter! Even if you’re away, set a timer for it to come on for an hour a day so it keeps ticking over all winter long.


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