Three Things You Never Thought Would Make A Huge Difference To Your Home

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We’re all guilty from time to time of getting a little carried away with interior design. Maybe you spent a whole evening surfing Pinterest for new home inspirations – and next thing you know, you’ve spent $200 in IKEA online. It can be remarkably easy to transform your home simply with the use of a few clever accessories. Plus, this is also hugely beneficial if you are renting your property. Most landlords won’t let you change anything significant such as floors, walls, and lighting. So instead, making the place your own with extras and accessories is a great way to personalize your pad. But what happens if you install all your new purchases but it still isn’t looking quite right? You may need to think about the finishing touches. There are certain things that can drag down even the most stylish of homes. Check out this list to make sure you’ve got all bases covered for a truly chic place to live.


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Your waste disposal

Now, having a stylish trash can isn’t normally on the top of most people’s interior design lists. But, you would be surprised at the difference it can make to your home. If you’ve gone for a traditional country kitchen vibe, but then have a super-modern monochrome trash can, it’s going to really break up the look. Most people just settle for the first plastic trash can they see out of sheer necessity. But, it can actually be a vital accessory to the overall appearance of a room. Look into buying some concrete trash receptacles that will complement the existing aspects of your home – not work against it.

Your windows

If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then our actual windows are – well, windows to our homes! Like trash cans, they are often considered a boring necessity. But this doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up! If you are renting your current property and can’t stand your landlord’s garish floral curtains, why not put up your own? As long as your landlord’s curtains are replaced once you leave, there’s no problem. Or, if your property is your own, go European with some stunning Venetian blinds. Windows and their frames can actually be a focal point for your room – so dressing them beautifully and lining up trinkets and plants on the sills can make the world of difference.


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Your walls

If you’re sick of the sight of your scratched and faded walls, you might want nothing more than to completely replace them. But sorting out old and damaged walls requires a lot more than simply a lick of paint. You may have to fill in old holes, get a surveyor to check that they are actually safe and plaster them first. If this isn’t something you can do right now – say, for financial reasons – they is a quick and cheap way to make them more appealing, temporarily. Throws and wall hangings come in many different sizes and designs and are perfect for dramatically changing the look of your room. They can also add a relaxed, bohemian vibe to your property, giving you an ideal place to relax in.


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