Sleek High Tech Gadgets You’ll Want In Your Home

As technology advances, having high-tech gadgets in your home is becoming increasingly popular. From smart gadgets to the latest in security and remote controlled curtains to smart door locks, there are all sorts of cool products you can use to update and protect your home. Let’s take a look at some of the latest innovations that will have you craving an instant, new buy to make your home super swish.



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The Smart Door Lock

Home security is important to both deter criminals and give us added peace of mind. You should always make sure you have a wireless CCTV system for your home, alongside burglar alarms and security lights too. But how about installing a stylish and useful Smart door lock too? A smart door lock will lock and unlock your door without needing a key. Wireless smart door locks are reinventing the way we think about safety. The August Smart Door Lock is one of the best out there. It works in conjunction with a smartphone app and auto locks the door behind you. And it then unlocks your door as you are approaching home. You never have to worry about lost keys again. A 24/7 log on your phone enables you to track who is coming and leaving your home. You can give virtual keys to friends that are staying or grant access to builders that you need to let in and out when you are not at home. And if you have an Apple watch you can even use that to unlock your door too!



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The Family Hub Fridge

In this day and age of open-plan living, the kitchen/living area is often the main hub of the home. So why not make yours super cool and invest in the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?  The fridge has an awesome LCD touchscreen on the front door where you can share calendars, post photos and write notes to each other. You can also get instant access to a whole host of great recipes to use. The fridge also has built-in speakers and can stream all the latest music, so the kitchen will always be a lively area. It also has three in-built cameras that take photos of what’s in your fridge every time you open and close the door. This means that when you are grocery shopping, you can see exactly what you have and what you need to buy. It also has a custom cooling large compartment, which can switch between becoming a freezer or fridge at the touch of a button.

The Transparent TV

Want to give your living room a more futuristic look? The days of bulk televisions are long gone, and most homes now have huge flat screens. But how about also having a TV that is completely transparent and therefore blends seamlessly into your space. The Loewe AG television does just this! It looks like a sheet of glass and has a super chic feel about it. The Apple brand are currently in talks to buy this master design, so watch this space!


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