The Doting Parent’s Guide To Helping Children Fly The Nest



If you have children, a time is going to come when they are ready to fly the nest. Whether they’re heading off to university, moving in with friends or a partner, or pursuing a career. The day will come and it is going to be hard. Chances are, you’ve seen them near enough every day of their life. But you want to help your child as much as possible. So how can you make the big transition easier for both you and your child?


Don’t try to dissuade your child from leaving when the time is right. If your child decides they’re ready for a life on independence at 14, obviously, this isn’t okay. But once your child is an adult and fully capable of looking after themselves, you need to accept their decisions. You don’t want their last few months at home to be filled with arguments and bad feelings. Help them in their search for a home. Remember, they’ve probably never had to deal with things like budgeting, home maintenance, paying bills and understanding tax. You, on the other hand, will have years of first-hand experience. Help them to budget, see what they can afford or decide between renting and buying. Go to house viewings with them. Give your opinion, but don’t try to take too much control. Doing these things will allow your relationship with your child to bloom and they’ll really appreciate the effort that you are making.


Help them to move in. Don’t be overbearing, but serve as an extra pair of hands. Help them to clear their room in your home. There will probably be a lot of junk that has accumulated over the years. Avoid throwing things away if they can be donated or recycled. Once everything is packed up in boxes, hire a professional Removalist. Removal services will load belongings onto a van and transport it to wherever is needed. It will be kept safe and will save you having to do multiple trips in the car.


If your child is moving into a rented property, get them to check their tenancy agreement before they pick up the paint brush and rollers. If they are moving into their own property or are allowed to redecorate the rented property, roll up your sleeves and offer a hand.


Your child may be moving into an unfurnished property. If this is the case, you could help them to furnish their space. They could take their bed from your home, for example. You might be able to offer spare tables and chairs. It might be hotch potch, but most first homes are.

Constant Support

Once your child has moved out, make sure that you stay in touch regularly. They might not want you popping in every single day. But make sure that they know you are always there when they need you. Leaving home for the first time can be daunting for anyone. People can often end up feeling isolated or lonely. It’s always good to hear a familiar voice at the end of the phone, or to have a friendly face pop in for a drink every now and then.

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